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    Looking to trade some of MY 2011-12 Enforcers for YOUR Enforcers, BASE/AUTO/GU

    It's pretty simple, I'm hoping there are some of you here who collect this set and hopefully I have some cards you need and vice versa.

    Here are the cards I have for trade:

    14 TOUGH FRANCHISE Nystrom/Gillies/Pilon/Konopka
    33 ENFORCERS TALE OF THE TAPE Horner vs Shore
    36 ENFORCERS TALE OF THE TAPE Watson vs Hadfield
    41 ENFORCERS TALE OF THE TAPE Brashear vs Ray
    54 BLOODY BATTLES Berube vs Tamer
    55 BLOODY BATTLES Berube vs Cummins
    56 BLOODY BATTLES Kordic vs Berune
    66 BLOODY BATTLES Gillies vs Brookbank
    75 BLOODY BATTLES McCarthy vs Probert
    86 BLOODY BATTLES Semenko vs Playfair

    C-21 COMBATANTS Grimson vs Cummins
    I-11 INSTIGATOR Zdeno Chara

    A-GB Garth Butcher
    A-AP Andrew Peters
    A-JMC Jim McKenzie
    A-GL George Laraque
    A-NF Nick Fotiu
    A-TR Terry Ruskowski
    A-BMAR Bryan Marchment
    A-MM Marty McSorley

    And here is a link to my want list. Thank you!
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    Updated my list, more cards added and available for trade.

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    Updated my cards, still need quite a few base, autos and TONS of GU's!

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