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    A Redemption WOW!! not what I expected !!!

    So I pull a couple redemption's from this years Prime
    Ovechkin Prim Sigs and Letang All Star Sigs well I redeem both and find the Letang is only numbered X/2 Pretty sweet I did three Boxes and think I did pretty darn good scans are in the Bucket

    Just wanted to share..

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    You KILLED that break. Wow. PM me if the Kassian is available...

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    who do you collect?interested in the eddie lack auto

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    You did great on your break.

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    Love to see the Letang, and is it available for sale or trade?? Please let me know. Thanks

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    Thanks guys its a redemption so about a year wait haha. I sure hope not there's only 2 of them lol. And the lack is gone sorry

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