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Thread: Dreamer

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    I noticed this Ronda Rousey auction on ebay. I think this guy's a dreamer...

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    Its the same fabric on every card, but somehow THIS one might be her underwear. I notice he's not making that claim on his Big Foot Silva relic, LOL!

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    wow thats funny
    Super collecting brock lesnar also collecting ufc autos an multi color relics red ink autos

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    Thats the same seller that has that stupid Nick Diaz sketch card.

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    he put that nick diaz to be funny those guys are legit
    great prices on boxes and group breaks

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    plus he gets him viewers im thinking of doing the same lol

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    hahaha that's ridiculous. Same old generic patches....

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    I've dealt with him as well and he's a good guy. Put that on as a joke/something different. Good person to buy and trade with.

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    Yeah I am not a fan of the posting but have dealt with him multiple times. He did me a solid when I met him at the fan expo last year. Would not hesitate to buy from him in the future.

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