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Thread: New Years Hobby Resolutions?

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    New Years Hobby Resolutions?

    I love to/and hear people talk about the hobby as there isn't much NHL to talk about unfortunately. Hey at least we got the Juniors for now. But I just wanted to hear if you guys have any New Years resolutions regarding the hobby. It could be anything.

    To get the ball rolling, mine is that I should be more patient when it comes to buying cards on eBay for the PC that I know there is a large supply of. For example I bought Backstrom's Requisite Radiance from this years Series 1 for $30 on eBay, then moments after, the exact same card was listed for a $16 BIN. Not too much of a difference but still enough to make you go ughhh.

    I'm hoping you guys have some neat replies and I'm curious to read these :)

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    Good idea! I have a few for myself:

    1) Stop focusing on needing every card of a player
    2) Do a complete set of patches that are good, unique patches or a cool autograph subset
    3) Bust 1 highend at the expo.

    And 1 for the community:
    1) Stop complaining and appreciate the hobby for what it is, a hobby.

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    Great topic and I hear ya! Patience is a virtue my friend haha. Any way, for me, my new year's resolution is be a lot more selective with my PC cards. At one point I was picking up anything and everything Crosby. I would also pick up other cool looking Pens cards along the way. Any way, I can't keep up any more and it's become too pricey. So, I've recently decided to down size my collection and my goal is to move as much as possible next year as I'm sitting on a lot of nice cards that aren't doing me any favors. lol

    Other than that, my husband and I decided to cool it on the amount of box breaks next year. We went a little overboard and have been incredibly unlucky, especially with the random boxes...So with the lock out and lack of rc's, I think 2013 may be the best year to refocus our collecting and buying habits.

    Last but not least, I'm hoping to meet a bunch of new hobby enthusiasts (like yourself), make a ton of trades/sales, and maybe bust a case or two. We'll see.. haha

    Any way, Happy new year to you and I hope you score a bunch of great Backstrom cards! Have fun!
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    Great responses so far guys! Really interesting to read them. I especially agree with your comment flopfish regarding the community. In fact I like making threads like these because I think that they are fun for everybody and these somewhat enforce that this is just a hobby and in the end it's all for fun and the friendships that you develop along the way :)
    Quote Originally Posted by flopfish View Post
    Good idea! I have a few for myself:1) Stop focusing on needing every card of a player2) Do a complete set of patches that are good, unique patches or a cool autograph subset3) Bust 1 highend at the expo.And 1 for the community:1) Stop complaining and appreciate the hobby for what it is, a hobby.

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    1) Get the Jonathan Toews Collection up to 400 different cards
    2) Focus on only getting the nicer pieces for PC players and not everything
    3) Complete my 10-11 SPGU Letter Marks Toews project
    4) Bust less wax!
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    1) bust less and work on my current projects
    2) get my Tavares base project 100% up-to-date
    3) finish my 01-02 Ice, 00-01 UD Vintage Dynasty GU, 12-13 Score, 12-13 Artifacts, 12-13 UD1 and 12-13 Black Diamond sets
    4) Hit 100 cards with my Peckham PC. Currently at 79 with 2 more incoming.
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    Mine would have to be to listen to my head not my temptations. I feel like that is a big one for everyone and it takes practice to overcome! When I see a cheap group break, it's like a wall of "DO IT" hits me! I need to shut that thought up! Mostly when I know it is a bad idea but I do it anyways!

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    1.) Re-focus my Main PC on what is listed in my signature.
    2.) Only bust ITG products.
    3.) Get organized.

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    I have a few:

    1) Sell about 75% of my current collection, leaving only PC players and a single nicer rookie from most young stars.

    2) Try adding 25 new autos to my Toews PC.

    3) Knock off a few SPs for my 1997 UD Legends football auto set, and try to reach the 75% completion mark for the set as a whole.

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    1) Get to 150 total cards in my Whitmore collection (basically doubling what I have now)
    2) Get all non-1/1s of Yann Sauve (and as many 1/1s as possible)
    3) Finish 2010-11 Zenith set
    4) Get display cases for Hjalmarsson and Whitmore collections (have 2 cases now, need 4 total)
    5) Frame my ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Uncut Sheet
    6) Sell as many non-PC cards as possible
    7) Start and finish a set, preferably a nice auto and/or memorabilia set
    8) Pick up more HOF autos and memorabilia (only had 3 this entire year)
    9) Display my 2003-04 UD Classic Portraits set
    10) Get every Keith Magnuson base card I need
    11) Acquire a shield
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