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Thread: 2012-13 Contenders box Break

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    2012-13 Contenders box Break

    I swore off of this product when it came out. The LCS owner and I had a trade that we reversed a portion of that also involved some cash so I had a credit balance. I rolled the cash balance plus some more cash into a box of this product.

    Here are the "hits" if you would call them that.

    If I am not mistaken this 1 in 20 cases. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

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    I believe you're correct, 1 in 20 cases. In that case it's a massive hit, congrats!

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    THe BV are not out yet on this and I only see that one has sold on the Bay. It was the Vince Carter for $100. It is tough compare one to the other but I would say wholesale D-Wade may have more followers than VC, present day. The tough thing is actually placing a value on the card but I am $120 into the box and the rest of the box was bleh. At the very least I would say trade value-wise the wade paid for the box. The base set is very polarizing. You will like it or hate it(me? I hate it) but four autos for $120 is decent IMO.

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    That D Wade is a sick hit. Just a classy card haha

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    For such long odds (1 in 20 cases) they are going pretty cheap on eBay. Also, I would figure that they would have been numbered but they are not. I am still psyched about the pull but I think I will wait for the market to establish before figuring what to do with it. Either way this was my only box of contenders this year.

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    Great hit on the Wade, but I am kind of disappointed in the Contenders Look this year... I rather have it be like the 09-10 one where ATLEAST you pulled an On-Card Rookie Auto in the box.

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    I agree with you. I grabbed this box out of circumstance. I had figured to stay away from the product. The base card design with blot type stuff in the background is pretty hideous. I was a big fan of the 2010-11 Contenders Patches product and I hope that they release that again. This product did nothing for me and I will call this the only box that I grab.

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    I could use any Lebron or brandon jennings base/inserts you pulled. Thanks

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    I actually pulled nothing of either. I was highly unimpressed with the box other than the Wade.

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    I feel you there. I opened 2 boxes of it and did hit a Davis auto. I didn't think to look for those others before selling the base. I don't think I hit one of those HOF or Rookie Tickets. 4 auto's isn't bad. I just don't like the 100 rookie auto's especially when we know some of the rookies from last years draft are in d leagure or not even playing.

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