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Thread: 2012-13 Contenders box Break

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    I can go either way on the rookie thing. Pulling rookies out of a base, non-auto set is an easy way to make your bones on the cost of the box, moreso if you hit doubles(think Prizm). The issue with the dual rookie class if you will inevitably pull some stiffs that, like you said, are in the D-League with as much hope of playing in the NBA as myself(trust me, I don't have, really I don't). I mean, how would you like to throw down $120 for a box of this stuff and hit a Greg Stiemsma, QUincy Acy and two other guys of this nature?

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    lol - that's true. What is going to drive contenders is those big inserts and the hof auto's. I looked at the checklist and it has a lot of nice hof auto's as well as present day like KD and Kobe. I think hitting rookie auto's is a better deal with a big if they pan out lol. It's a gamble either way. I am glad I hit a davis on the 2nd box. I actually traded one of the 2 threads I had hit that past week on that one box I hit the Davis out of. You mentioned Quincy Acy. I got on to top that I did hit a redemption of, Bring on Luke Ridnour lol hahaahaha.
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    Mainly into football. Looking for RC Auto prospects, some HOFERs and Former Vols.

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    Yeah I think I almost feel a little bit better about the Quincy acy now. As for threads I am putting together the auto set. I need about 8 at this point. I like the wood design on those more than I like the design of the contenders autos.

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    DeAndre Jordan hot box ha!


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    HAHA I could never imagine being so lucky (please sense the sarcasm here)

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