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Thread: Favorite Card Of 2012?

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    Favorite Card Of 2012?

    As we all know 2013 is coming! It has come fast but non-the-less it is here! Before it comes let's all embrace our hobby and show off a little. Let's show off our favorite card of the year! If your feeling up to it, leave your reason why! I will go first;

    This is my favorite card of the year because it was a part of my Christmas tradition from my bro! It is my favorite player and it is a beautiful card!

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    I saw it in Panini's Dominion preview last summer (2011) and knew I had to get it. A member on here had it and we were able to swing a massive deal (my biggest ever) and it is now the cornerstone of my collection! It is very meaningful to me as well as my dad because my dad worked with the Hawks (strength and conditioning coach) while Keith was the head coach, they were very close friends.
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    My favorite is not as impressive looking as some , but finally finished my leafs team set and was extremely happy to finally acquire it this year .

    Happy New Years to all :)

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    The biggest hit from my first case break. A very special card when we know about Barilko's story.

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    the card i was dreaming about when i ordered my case

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    I might be a little biased but....
    Favourite GU Card:

    Favourite Auto Cards:

    And Favourite Non GU/Auto:

    Long story short, I used the bottom 3 to get the top one :D

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    Really a great idea to make cards with team instead of players. OPC won the best cards for me this year with the team logo.

    On a personal note, artifacts, like last year, make me really happy with a lot of great pulls (and really great trades, thanks to everyone). This one was traded on this site and still incoming. I go see the mail everyday....


    and this one (pull):

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    According to my eBay archives I bought 1,027 things this year, so picking out a favorite would be impossible. And yes, I realize I have a huge problem, that's what New Years' Resolutions are alllll about.

    This card came from Tim (Tivo32) who tried to take less money than what we'd agreed upon. So it's my favorite because A) look at the card ferpetesake and B) it made me feel a little better about the hobby and the world in general, knowing there's still a few decent people out there :)

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    Sort of an oddball item but my favorite pick up from trading this year was this:

    I had never seen one of these Kraft Logo Stickers before and it instantly became the oldest card in my Blue Jackets team collection once I received it.

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    This one was my favorite pickup of the year for two reasons - my favorite player, and a card design that I really like:

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