Can sell everything here for $180 DLVD. THat price is not firm but its in the ballpark. Please feel free to post here or PM me with offers or trade proposals. Thanks

Derek Jeter 2003 Absolute Glass Plaque 90/150 game used base and ball: $45DLVD

Magglio Ordonez 2003 Absolute Glass Plague Jersey/bat 95/100 $25DLVD

2001 Topps Reserve Roberto Alomar auto-mini helmet (This set did not come with a COA but there is a sticker present on the bottom indicating player): $55DLVD

2001 Fleer Legacy Johnny Damon auto-full size hat (Fleer COA): $40 DLVD

Mike Boddicker auto baseball (Inscribed 1983 ALCS MVP w/Tristar COA): $23DLVD

Jason Kubel auto baseball (tristar COA): $18 DLVD

Also have an Andrew Miller auto full-size bat w/Just Minors COA that I will throw in for free if you buy the lot. Picture on front page bucket