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Thread: quick........come look!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sooners13 View Post
    how about kobe blake griffin and okc thunder
    9 okc including 2 kds on sonics

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDecision View Post
    any lebron
    1 lebron

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    Quote Originally Posted by panthers knicks 5 View Post
    i have 109
    what years are we looking at?
    what percentage are dupes?
    how many GU are you looking for in return?
    If I have to choose between you and an animal
    I'm not picking you
    If you argue cents on a trade, go pound sand

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    Not home at moment the years are 1990-2010 i know that fir sure and not many dupes how's 3-4 gu or autos lmk

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    What is your ratio for GU to base cards? Don't have many GU anymore, so I'm defintiely looking to get as much bang for the buck as possible...LMK.
    Kevin Garnett collector - own 1539 (22.8%) different! Always looking for more!

    Collecting Minnesota Timberwolves, Chicago Bulls, and Minnesota Wild too!

    "Anything is possible" - Kevin Garnett

    Looking for: 2009-10 Limited Jumbo Kevin Garnett /10 square swatch AND jersey number swatch.

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    With the trades i havr made its been 25 base for 1 gu or auto lmk and what team u looking for have lots of celtics

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