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    wtb cheap mayo autos and relics

    cheap ones, not high end stuff...

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    Have a Sage Hits 2012 Auto.... shoot me an offer on what you wanna spend if interested

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    LOL sorry I should have been more clear. Like the brand Mayo from 08-09. Not Jerod Mayo

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    im glad he posted that because i thought the same thing

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    I have these: 2009 Topps Mayo Autographs #MAAC Austin Collie
    2009 Topps Mayo Autographs #MASGR Shonn Greene
    2009 Topps Mayo Relics #MRDA Donnie Avery
    2009 Topps Mayo Relics #MRGC Glen Coffee PM if interested.

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    HAHA damn thought I could finally move this thing lol. Good luck.

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    I have a glen coffee auto could do $4 dlvd on it

    pic is in my bucket


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    I have two boldins and a malcolm kelly if interested.

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