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    Russell Wilson Auto/Doug Martin 3 color jumbo patch auto/Colin Kaepernick auto FS

    For sale are the following cards
    1. Russell Wilson 2012 Certified Freshman Fabrics Redemption (card will be dual jersey/auto #ed/499)
    2. Doug Martin 2012 Topps Strata Clear Cut 3 color patch Red parallel #ed 06/30
    3. Colin Kaepernick Topps Precision Jumbo relic rookie auto #ed 26/35

    I have them listed on eBay, but would end them for the right offer. Don't ask me what my offer is, because I don't have one. Thats why I have them on eBay. If you want it bad enough and make me a good offer, I'll end the listing.

    Here are the links, in the order of the cards listed above.

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