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Thread: What happen with photobucket??

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    I was having the same trouble last night as it would not let me switch back to the old style and then it was showing cards that were deleted up to 6 months ago!! I sent them a message and then got back to me saying the systems went out of wack last night. And now things seem to be back to normal on the site but had to redo all of my threads as all the links did not work any more!! But overall I agree with everyone with the pictures half cut off and how un user friendly that new layout is!! I am considering more now that I might just make my own website as opposed to have nightmares with photobucket anymore!!

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    You can switch back to the old site!!!!!!!!! Thank God. If you need help swithching back look on the top left of the screen. Its hard to see ans small and says switch back to original site. Click it and give your reason why and your back!
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    I'm scared mommy!!!! Seriously tho, I've spent the better part of a month finally uploading my cards one by one by one, I'm not even 20% done but I'm gonna have to start all over again somewhere else? Wahhhhhhhhhhh. Last night was a shock, at least it fixed itself this morning. But.......For. How. Long????
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    I open photo bucket on my iPad and I must have clicked the new version. Now it opens for 2 seconds and goes to a white screen. It doesn't give me enough time to switch back. Anyone have any ideas to fix this?
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    Pray maybe.
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    Websites like these can't help themselves, they have to take something that works and change it for the sake of changing it.
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