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Thread: Panini Replacement Policy

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    Panini Replacement Policy

    Hey ya'll. Opened a couple of 10/11 Rookie Anthology over the last 2 months and was fortunate, and unfortunate, enough to pull these:

    I was thinking about requesting replacements from Panini, but I guess 10/11 Anthology is too far back for their online system to file a request. I was wondering if anyone's had any luck trying to email or call them about such a thing, or if I'm just the victim of opening "old" product.

    (and yes, that's two different Kassian cards with almost identical damage.)

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    Anthology was 11/12. Shouldn't be too long ago yet. Came out in June or July.


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    So it was. Huh. Why in the world did I think it was 10/11. Must be time for bed

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    that phenoms card. Almost all that i have seen are like that. If you look on ebay you can see it in most pictures.

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    So the whole production line took that kind of hit, huh? If that's the case, you would have thought that QA would have noticed.

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    It never hurts to call and ask. Good luck!
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