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Thread: Opinions on value for set

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    Opinions on value for set

    Hey guys, Im currently building the 11/12 CUP RPA SET. Im gonna start with the /249 RC's and the auto's /199 and non auto's /199 and when the prices for the /99s go down I will finish them. Im looking to spend around 8k building the set. But I want to know if you guys think I could turn a profit on it? Regardless, I will still have fun doing it. THANKS! PLEASE COMMENT :)

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    As many folks are fond of saying, something like this is only worth what someone is willing to put into it. Time and experience have demonstrated that nearly everything in the hobby has a knack of depreciating over time. Unless it is something truly rare or unique it is not often you see something eventually turn a profit. If you are able to acquire a bulk lot of the cards /249 at a greatly discounted price that may help you eventually turn a profit but it depends fully on how much you initially put into it and what you expect to get out of it in the end. It's a limited market of people out there that are interested in purchasing an entire set collection such as this, and you'll have to find a buyer that is interested in this particular rookie crop. Personally, I don't think that the 2011-12 crop is one of the strongest ones in recent memory, and some of the guys that are in there and featured may only have a limited appeal in the future. Things drop off pretty substantially after RNH.

    That said, if you want to pursue it for the challenge of it and have a good time, by all means go for it!
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    I am kind of agreeing with Richard, if you want to make a profit, the idea is to turn the card around while the release is hot and not easy to do. But with high end set, there is always a slight possibility that one person would buy it but the chance are slim. Collecting should be about the fun of it and you can always sell them later but normally with a loss. For instance I collect Carey price cards and have a BV of $20,000 on the collection. I know dam well that I would never get that and probably did not pay that much. But I could sell them and get maybe 30% and maybe a bit more since Carey Price still sell well. But I am realistic and know I would never get anything close to what I paid. More so with the rookie year cards I bought. Even 30% may not be the case as it's hard to sell many cards. They are nice but there is 2000 + cards made of him and so many auto and memorabilia and when you try to sell a card you compete with how many are available to collectors.

    I collect because I like it and consider the money as spent. If one day I sell them then this money will go staight into my pocket. That is how I see things.To expect to make money is not realistic IMO.
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    IMO your picking a poor rookie crop ..... dont see too many hidden gems in the 11/12 crop.

    Maybe save and do something next year, especially if the lockout holds. If you dont want to wait till next year, the 07/08 and 10/11 crop is very strong
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    If you have the $$$ to even consider building this set then I don't think making a profit is essential for you.

    As for if you will get a return on the set.... really hard to say, I agree with above poster as it's a pretty weak class.

    But it's your set and you do what you want to do! Just go with you gut.

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