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    Kobe, Jordan, Dirk, Larry Bird FOR SALE VERY CHEAP!!!

    I dont collect basketball and have accumilated these cards thruout the years of collecting football and Im selling everything. The first decent offer I get on this lot is the WINNER!!

    96-97 Kobe Bryant Fleer Metal RC
    96-97 Kobe Bryant Fleer Metal RC
    01-02 Gerald Wallace Sweet Spot RC /1200
    99 Larry Bird UD Retro NBA Old School /500
    01-02 Michael Jordan Fleer Max Floor Score
    96-97 Kobe Bryant Skybox Premium RC
    99 Richard hamilton HoloGrFX Ausome RC
    98-99 Dirk Nowitzky Topps RC
    93-94 Michael Jordan Topps Gold #23

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    $15 is best so far, dont want to give these away but getting closer!

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