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    2 Packs 2012 Threads + 1 Pack Prizm = Hot Hand!

    I went to a local card show in Houston today and bought some singles, supplies, some boxes, and a few loose packs.

    Just randomly picked 2 packs of Panini Threads and pulled two autographs!

    Not bad for randomly picking two packs! I should have picked up a scratch-off or lottery ticket!

    The next was one Prizm. Got the last pack one dealer had and pulled this.

    I think i had a pretty good day for basketball...i did pretty well with baseball if you check out my break on that forum.

    All 3 are for trade! Thanks for looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigp621 View Post
    nice. Are you moving the Kidd-gilchrist?
    I am looking to trade or you have any Rockets stuff?

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    If you still have the kidd-Gilchrist cmb for it Thanks

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    Cool Peja!

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