A large lot of some Nicer cards and lots of other stuff $205 Dlvd, not really looking for offers, it's a fair deal, some nice cards there for less than ebay. 6 cards sales over $100 on ebay, that averages about $1 per card for the rest of the game used/autos/rcs. (There is a little basketball here, but it was part of a different lot). Hit me up if you're interested or want to know about something.

9 Cards: Welker /75, Ray Rice /1349, Marion Barber Prime /25, Gaines Adams GG Auto /25, Foster Gold /100, Jackson Pullout /100, Simms/249, Greg Jennings /25 Prime
9 Cards: Collie /450, Wells /450, Eli Manning /199, Royal Jsy/25, Shaun Alexander /50, Roger Craig /25,
Added these 7:Canfield Elite Gold /24, Heyword (Packers Safety),

Little Nicer lot here!
9 Cards: Malcolm Jenkins Letterman Emerald /8 (Last sale /10 $23), LeSean McCoy National Treasures 20/20 (Last Sale $40), Nate Davis Finest Letterman 10/10, Chris Johnson RC Jersey /250, Foreman Jersey/99, Bart Star Jersey (Severely Damaged) /250

Please Read!! Only selling cards listed below, not all of the pictured come with the lot.
AJ Hawk Threads Auto /100, Brandon Marshall SP Authentic Chirography On Card Auto, Matt Leinart SP Authentic 2 Color Auto, Knowshon Moreno Letterman Auto

9 Cards w/ McFadden SP RC
9 Cards w/ James Jones (Packers) Auto, Fasono
9 Cards w/ N. Suh, Demaryius Thomas, Jonathan Dwyer, Jeremy Maclin RC Jsys, Carson Palmer Prime 2 color/100, Joseph Addia Prime 2 color/50
9 Cards w/ Eggerin James 2 color /150
9 Cards Ronnie Brown SP 2 Color Prime /25, Hunt GG triple /50, Johnson 3 color /50
2 Football Cards Only

Sales: Howard Auto $20, Gilmore Auto/25 $15-20+?, Kenny Anderson /60 $10, Kobe $2-4, Gasol Prime $3+, 4 Jordans $3+, plust the other Auto's and Jerseys and RCs at about $0.50 each
Just the Basketball here: Jrue HolidayRC w/ Abdul-Jabbar /25, plus the Malone and Shaq