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    I need some advice on a possible ebay buy

    Is this something I should be interested in if it goes for not much more... I have been looking for a Kobe Auto for a while but need to know if this is a decent card.

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    its a nice card... just FYI though... i wouldnt post the actual auction because you will never get a steal... i wont bid on it but there are some users of this forum that would
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    I'm not a basketball guy, but I can tell you for certain that the seller of that auto is a good guy. Recently bought from him, and the deal went better than most you will find on ebay. He left me feedback when he received the payment I mailed, the card was sent in a bubble mailer and protected well inside there, and I was more than satisfied. So on that end, you are looking at a good deal.

    As for the card itelf, I will leave that to the experts on here, 'cause I ain't got a clue.


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    Thanks for the help. I'm trying to find out if the card is creditable.

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