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    2011 wwe topps printing plate blowout

    I have three new unopened 2012 wwe topps jumbo packs from toys r us. They include one silver in each pack. I am asking $5.00 each plus $1.00 shipping. Toys r us sells them for $7.99 each.

    Here is what is left from my printing plates. Shipping is $2.00 for one card(.50 extra per card). Four cards are free freight. International freight is $4.00 per trade. I will only except money order and paypal. Paypal gifted is free freight.

    2011 printing plates:

    Cyan percy Watson $10
    Black mayson ryan $10
    magenta bryon saxton $10
    magenta Jacob novak $10
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    I'm interested in several of those. I'll send ya a pm shortly.

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    Can you do $10.00 each on both the Santino Marella printing plates?
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    pm me on

    electryinigentranaces printing plate:
    magenta ted diabese $15

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    PM me if you can do any better if I bought both the Regular Christian and insert plate of him. Thanks

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    Prices are firm unless you bought everything. I think the prices are fair.

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    I'm interested in a few of those. Will be sending a PM shortly.

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