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    4th round of Christmas presents...I'm going to a show!! Need Paypal ASAP!! Help!

    When you marry into a big family you get quite a few Christmas present exchanges. Had our last one today with my folks and my wife saved a surprise for me. Going to a show Jan 5th!! There's never any shows real close to me so this is a huge treat (my first since my bday 2 years ago). Plus, baby coming in June so likely my last for a while. Got $50 to go, but you guys know shows. Hoping to get at least $100 more to add to the fun. Help me out if you can! Thanks so much and bring it on 2013!!!


    More stuff on my site below. Heck, I'll sell the whole bucket so I can hopefully start a rebuild :) Also, if there are any shop owners or you set up at shows often I have a couple hundred RC's, Inserts, and #ed from the past couple years (mostly) that I'd get rid of cheap.

    Happy New Year!

    EDIT: Also have a Kindle Fire I'd sell. Got it last Christmas and used it maybe 10 times. Probably don't need to hold onto it lol. If anyone's interested lmk.
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    also interested in the insert lot and the numbering on the ap auto

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    duh sorry, the AP is #ed to 25. I forgot to add that. As for the Inserts. I have about 500. All the RC's, Inserts (including refractors), and #ed cards from all the packs and breaks I've busted. Most everything is from the past two or three years. Some older RC's or cool inserts are sprinkled in. I'd say about 90% is pictured here, but I have a fairly large stack I haven't scanned.

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    Thanks to all you guys who made deals with me in this thread and my other. You guys are the best. Reached my goal in no time. Should be a great show. Thank you, thank you!

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    If you still have the inserts and #ed, PM me.

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