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Thread: Steve Young Collection

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    1996 Highland Mint Steve Young Bronze Coins low numbered coin and high numbered coin.

    The back got changed. I am not sure now many other coins they changed a little, but I know the Jerry Rice in the Rice-Young-Montana coin package is different then the earlier Rices as well.

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    Nice collection not sure if your interested I have a low end lot of oddball cards

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    Steve Young's first card, the 1984 BYU All-Time Greats (with a pretty bad diamond cut).

    A 1986 RC with auto

    Steve Young HOF Auto 8x10

    More later....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajcorleone View Post
    Nice collection not sure if your interested I have a low end lot of oddball cards

    Yes, I do have those Young cards, thanks for offering.

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    I finally got one of these about 2 months ago. Only $45 fron an eBay auction. I had previously offered or bidded $75-80 a dozen times I think and can remember barely passing on one for $150 in 1996.

    I got a stack of these from the bankruptcy sale. CE released a promo to this set, but it is different, I think it says promo or something like that, rather then sample as a dozen I have do. (The first couple to prove to me your a SY collector and I will send you one.)

    The 1998 Crown Pro Stamper came in two versions as shown. Note the sticker is card size. (They made the Pro Tags, Pro Mags and Pro Stickers...pretty cool items).

    Not as rare as SY's 1989 figure, but still hard to find, the 1992 Starting Lineup w/Poster.

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    I was the first to notice a variation in the 1990 Pro Set card........they are about 50/50 and neither worth more then the other.

    Strange how many cards have SY on the phone....maybe 6 of them, and if you add the 3? montana's....there is a pattern?

    Even stranger is the many hologram version the card comes in...

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