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Thread: Steve Young Collection

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    1996 era Steve Young Autograph 8x10 Plaque redemption prize

    Large print signed by SY and artist.....wish I had the other 2-3 he made (and maybe the other 49ers)

    I thought this 8x10 photo was everyone and their dog licensed it, and then Steve Young and PSA/DNA both certified it.

    eBay has some pennants I am trying to

    More Young odd ball and cards later.

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    Another odd-ball Steve Young item.

    An Ace Hardware apron signed by Steve Young, and sold by Ace Hardware in a charity for the Children's Miracle Network. Signed in 2000, so it doesn't look like it's going to fade as autos often do on some cloth. I have somewhere around 50 Young autos now...I really don't know.

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    This is the first time I have seen your Young collection - looks great. With all due respect to you, Mr Young and your collection the amount of CRAP that was produced in the 90s is amazing. Beanie Babies? Beanie Babies? LOL The world had gone Beanie Baby Mad. Even football players had meshed with Beanie Babies LOL

    Hope you are not offended it's just funny how the sports cards phenomena expanded into all aspects of pop culture.

    I went to a small shop today. It mostly has coins but thousands of packs from brands going back 25 years. I saw some of those baseball cards in a can! There was a point where no marketing opportunity was left undone.
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    oh and whats the difference in the two 1990 Pro Set cards you found? I still don't see it and its driving me nuts!
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    The 1990s had a crazy amount of unusual NFL property But it could be worst, I could collect odd-ball items of a MLB player. A popular MLB player likely had 10 times the amount of stuff an NFL did.

    The Beanie Baby craze was a great thing for card shops and collectors. My local shop made twice the money in those bears, (and later Hot Wheels) then cards, for a couple years. For the collector, I would spent a hundred or so every couple weeks, and if I tossed a $10 bear in for the GF, it eased the you bought cards look.

    Clear Skies,

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    Have not added anything to this thread in a while so I scanned my latest pick-up. A 1996 Sega Game NFL Quarterback Challenge game in box, almost new looking. Young is on box, manual and game.

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    Hey that's a great find in that condition. I think I still have a working game gear somewhere in the attic! Lol
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    More Steve Young autos....

    First are the QVC Channel/Scoreboard Steve Young Autographed Cards

    Around 1996 the QVC channel sold many various sport card and autographs, including several series of signed football cards. The cards, from various manufacturers, were signed, numbered from 1000-2000, and placed inside unusual storage/display cases. The cards also came with a Scoreboard COA and an NFL sticker. No clue why the sticker was included, but I can imagine the guy selling these making a fuss about it. You can often find these autographs on eBay, including other players like Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, for very little as few know what they are.

    1989 Topps Traded #24 Steve Young Autos /2000 (Blue Ink & Black Ink)

    1992 Pro Line Potraits Quarterback Gold Steve Young Auto /1992

    1992 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Steve Young Auto /1000

    And a Steve Young Autographed Super Bowl Bammer

    Clear Skies, Mark
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    Steve Young Signed Hotel Check-In Sheet and Signed Room Charge Receipt. (I have removed any sensitive parts from the photo).

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    VERY NICE Steve Young collection... I really like the wire photos you accumulated.

    -Robert Lewis
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    Detroit Lions / Detroit Pistons / Detroit Redwings / Detroit Tigers
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    autograph, & memorabilia cards!!!

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