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Thread: Steve Young Collection

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    Steve Young Collection

    Okay, my other PC.

    I have collected Steve Young since around 1996 and passed 2000 different cards and 50 autos several years ago. (No clue how many now).

    However, I don't have much interest in after playing years cards (so why did I buy the 2011 Limited Logo 1/1 the other day?) and limited myself to mostly pre-2000 items and cards. I do have a ton of odd ball items.

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    My big dollar card I guess....

    Photos actually don't do the collection justice....but I think it's fair to say I am a PC.

    Clear Skies,

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    very nice collection of of the greatest of all time

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    A couple of the figures I have are custom made figures. McFarlane did not make a Young till 2010 (and then made 2 more in 2011), so I have made some customs done up for me previously.

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    I imagine this is the weirdest thing in the collection, Steve Young exercise pants.

    It does have what I consider a card on it at least...

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    I have maybe 12 different Steve Young bears, and I am missing 1 still. This Bammer shows why you shouldn't have these produced overseas.

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    I somehow wound up with around 50 newspaper wire photos.

    This one shows the first time Young was professionally sacked.

    I'll try to post some of my favorite cards and autos sometime.

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