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Thread: Steve Young Collection

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    Very impressive collection! Love all those odd ball items, and all the figurines and such. I remember collecting those Starting Lineup things, however, I ripped them out of the package and played with them. Great memories.

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    Those oddball items are pretty interesting. The upside down banner on the bear is hilarious.

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    The 2005 HOF Enshrinee Gameday Roundtable had one of these footballs on every table, which was given as a prize to a person at the table.

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    Here's a ticket to the event....159 tables, which makes the ball not that rare. This ticket was from table 6...pretty close to the head tables.

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    Nice collection of his stuff. Really liked him as a QB as an announcer it's a whole different story
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    Here's an old 90s electronic game I have. I took the photos a couple years ago, but I think it still works.

    It has some pretty impressive graphics...

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    The catalogs do the 1998 Cleo Valentine Card, however not this version.

    Card photo is small, borders bigger, and the perforations are different. I imagine everyone else in the normal set (from the $2.99? retail valentine boxes) is hiding inside.

    I have never seen another. Comes with a pencil and weird rolling stamper.
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    2005 Hall of Fame Crystal Paperweight with Dan Marino, Steve Young and others. It is laser engraved inside and came in a black cardboard (but nice) box numbered 128 of 375 made.

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    Don't ship thick cards in a plain white envelope.

    Don't ship thick cards in a plain white envelope.

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