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Thread: 2012-13 Prestige rack pack

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    2012-13 Prestige rack pack

    Felt the urge to bust something today, so I checked the shelf at the store...not much available, and I honestly wasn't going to buy anything after seeing what was available, but ultimately decided to try one of the 2012-13 Prestige rack packs.

    38 base
    Jae Crowder RC


    Josh Selby prestigious picks autograph!

    Not exactly a highlight pull, but an auto from a rackpack? Can't complain. All FT/FS. Thanks for looking.

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    Good effort! Are there any odds for autos/gus in rack packs?

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    Not sure on the odds...probably something outrageous though!

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    Should probably also add in here that my wife and I split the break on section had 20 base cards...hers had 18 base, the rookie and the

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