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Thread: NLDS game 1 graphs- pirates

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    NLDS game 1 graphs- pirates

    I was at game 1 of the NLDS at Busch Stadium. After the game, I went to Gate 3 where the visitors (pirates) exit to walk to the hotel and had a few balls on me. First guy I see is Russell Martin, I ask if he will please sign and he says "not tonite bud"- fair enough.. I then see Jason Grilli walk out n ask. He asks where I want my ball signed, so I said "on the sweet spot if u don't mind" so he DID!!! I then got Morton, Morris on other balls. Finally Clint Hurdle walks out, so we chat for a minute and he signs my ball!! So on 4 separate balls I got Charlie Morton, Bryan Morris, Jason Grilli, and Clint Hurdle!!! The only jerk was AJ Burnett, but I've ran into him before and knew better than to ask lol. I talked to Grilli about Pearl Jam lol... Great successes!

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    That is pretty awesome! Congrats
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    It was super dope... If ur ever in STL, after a cardinals game, go to gate 3. The visiting team comes rite out of a tinted set of double doors out onto the street.. MOST players stop n sign cuz there's usually only 5-6 people there..I went to 3 Cards games (2 against the Pirates, the other vs the Padres) and each time I got as many as I wanted..I got damn near the whole pirates team, except Cutch, Burnett, and Martin. Excellent graphing out there, super easy! Good luck n happy graphing!

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    Photos of NLDS balls

    Sorry for the side by side pics, but here's the Grilli and Hurdle balls

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