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    Autofreak2842's 2013 IP success thread

    Well 2012 is in the books and I honestly am sad to see it go, but I am also excited for some of the events and opportunities that I have planed and may unexpectedly be presented with in 2013. My goal for the year is to really step up my game and get 300 autographs for the year, after getting 232 last year. Just like last year (208 of 232) the bulk of my autographs will more than likely come from IP opportunities and successes.

    I'm hoping to do better at yearly events and such, like Howard Pulley (which I did good at last year), the Gophers Midnight Madness (gonna be hard to top 49 in one night) and other events.

    As for things I have planned so far for this year. I've got the Wolves game on my birthday (Jan. 8th), the Minnesota Swarm bowling event (Jan. 19th), a trip to Iowa to see the Gophers bball team play Iowa (Feb 16th+17th; Know where the team is staying and their entrance into the stadium), A trip to Philly for the 2013 NCAA lacrosse final 4 (May 24-28th), Howard Pulley Pro AM (Late May-Early August) and the Gophers 2013 Midnight Madness (October). Also hoping to make it to Vikings training camp and a few other things, but those aren't solid plans yet.

    As of right now my 1st thing planned is still the Timberwolves Shootout on Jan 5th, but it looks like it might blow up in my face, cause 1. Vikings got scheduled to play at 7 that night, so no Wolves game for me then 2. my friend canceled and 3. my photos I had ordered still haven't shipped, despite ordering them on the 21st. If they happen to get here on time, I'm still gonna go to the HS games to get some of the top players and coaches who are supposed to be there.

    So in conclusion thanks for reading this prologue haha And I hope to provide everyone with plenty of cool successes to see while receiving plenty of feedback.

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    Well I decided to kick off the 2013 graphing campaign on my birthday, tonight, after my pictures didn't come by Saturday (Don't get me started). Decided to spend my birthday with the Wolves.

    Met up with Clryan5 down the garage again. Outside I got:
    Lou Amundson 1/1 card (card was part of a gift I got from Colleen)
    Ricky Rubio 1/5 card (Cool as always. said "Happy Birthday, bro." to me. It was awesome. Haha)
    AK47 1/1 card (another piece of the gift; Also said Happy bday to me, cool as always)
    JJ Barea 1/1 card
    Nikola Pekovic 1/1 floorboard
    Luke Ridnour 1/1 floorboard
    Alexey Shved 3/3 programs (2 smeared though )

    Inside I did the Wolves the whole time, with Colleen, and I got:
    Bill Bayno 1/1 floorboard
    Greg Stiesma 2/2 cards (the final 2 pieces of the gift)
    Lazar Hayward 1/1 floorboard
    Derrick Williams 1/2 Previous game ticket with him on it.
    Alexey Shved 1/1 hat

    Rubio also signed, but it was right as I was getting down there and unpacking, got a card out in time, but he skipped me twice. Signed for all little kids, which I have no problem with. Amundson, Ridnour, Pek and a few of the assistants signed, but I had nothing for any of them. Was hoping to get Jim Petersen, on a card, but he wasn't there. FSN must not have been covering the game, cause he does the post game instructional and pre game show. Also got totally ignored by GM David Kahn, despite it just being me and Colleen down there. He was a prick. Was gonna get him on a card.

    D Will ticket

    Amundson, Stiesma (X2), Barea, Rubio and AK cards.

    Shved programs, hard to see, bad glare. Sorry.

    Bill Bayno, Luke Ridnour, Lazar Hayward and Pekovic added to the team floorboard

    Then lastly Colleen tipped me off, pre game, that this girl there was JJ Barea's girlfriend, who won Miss Universe in 2006 a Spanish soap opera star. Her name is Zuleyka Rivera. So after the game I got her on a stockboard piece.

    So all in all I got 16 autographs on my first night of graphing in 2013 and my birthday. That is a new personal record for 1 Wolves game. If I was more prepared I could easily have gotten over 20. Next up will probably be the Swarm bowling event, on the 19th. With me having surgery and all next week, I won't be doing much. Maybe catch the Tyus Jones Show and run into some coaches or Gary Trent (whose son plays for Apple Valley).
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    Looking forward to graphing more games together this yr! Thanks again for helping me get stuff signed! It was a lot of fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clryan5 View Post
    Looking forward to graphing more games together this yr! Thanks again for helping me get stuff signed! It was a lot of fun!
    Sounds good. I'm looking forward to the Gophers Pro Alumni game and the Wolves game on the 2nd. No problem, thanks for the bday present. Didn't realize till I got home I got all of those signed last night, too. Haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Autofreak2842 View Post
    Sounds good. I'm looking forward to the Gophers Pro Alumni game and the Wolves game on the 2nd. No problem, thanks for the bday present. Didn't realize till I got home I got all of those signed last night, too. Haha
    I'm very excited for the Pro-Alumni game! and that's awesome you got all of them signed. Glad I picked the right cards then haha

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    Small success today. Went to AVHS to watch Tyus Jones. He didn't play again, which is odd. So with that being said no college coaches were there and I left soon after the JV game, but I did get a cool success during the JV game.

    Former Mavericks/Wolves star Gary Trent's son plays on Apple Valley's JV team (He's an 8th grader). A few days ago I found a card of him in his days with the Mavs. So when I spotted him I went and got it signed and got a pic with him.

    Gary Trent 1/1 card

    He was really cool. Super nice and he was really surprised I had a "throwback" card of him. Lol He even blew on it to make sure it dried before giving it back. Haha

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    Went to the Swarm Bowling event today. Overall it was a pretty lame event, but I made a good haul (although it could of been better) and kicked the NLL season off right. Here's what/who I got:

    Star, Ryan Benesch 4/4 2 game tickets, poster and team logo sheet
    Captain, Andrew Suitor 3/2 poster, team logo sheet and a promo card they had there and were giving out.
    2012 #10 overall pick and rookie 1st rounder, Alex Crepinsek 4/2 2 promo cards, team logo sheet and an 8X10 of the 4 2012 1st round picks
    2012 #4 overall pick, Shayne Jackson 3/2 promo card, team logo sheet and the same 8X10 as Alex.
    forward, Corbyn Tao, 3/2 team logo sheet, promo card and 8X10
    Transition all star, Jordan MacIntosh 2/2 team logo sheet and 8X10
    Pat Smith 2/2 8X10 and team logo sheet
    assistant coach Aime Caines, 2/1 team logo sheet and promo card
    Forward Joel Henry, 2/2 8X10 and team logo sheet
    Rookie UFA/practice squad goalie, Ryan Masters 1/1 team logo sheet

    I could have had over 30 if I had gotten promo cards of everyone, but I was feeling oddly tired and lazy today. Haha Glad I went though and knocked down some 8X10s and such. All the players were super friendly. They thought the photos were pretty sweet and many fans there asked where I got them. I gave my typical BS response "I ordered them" then say no more. The average fans think they are like impossible to get or something and the players like them, I think, cause no one else has them. Haha I can't wait to see what people say about the customs I ordered from Rockiesfan. Pics below:

    Joel Henry 8X10

    The promo cards, kind of lame and flimsy, but they add to the year total, so whatever.

    Logo sheet, Idk what happen to the pic. Might be the worse one ever. Haha

    Corbyn Tao 8X10. Looks better IP.

    Pat Smith 8X10. Idk why these all turned out so bad. They all look amazing IP though.

    4 2012 1st rounders(this year's rookie), can't see the signatures, but the two in the middle signed in gold on the white. Look great IP.

    Jordan MacIntosh 8X10

    Ryan Benesch poster

    Andrew Suitor poster

    Ryan Benesch tickets (1 with him on it from 2011; 1 from 2012 which is a game he scored his 1,000th career goal)

    Next will be Swarm home opener on the 26th. Hoping to get more photos, some of the customs I get from Rockiesfan and my David Earl (my favorite player) game worn jersey.

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    Awesome haul today! Congrats! You're lucky you got to be inside was it freezing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clryan5 View Post
    Awesome haul today! Congrats! You're lucky you got to be inside was it freezing!
    Hahaha Thanks! And yeah, being inside was nice, but your haul at shoot around was incredible. Can't even begin to explain my jealousy. Haha As for my haul. Pretty good for being at a 3 hour event for 45 minutes. If I would have gotten at least 1 promo
    card from each player, I didn't already get 1 from I would have had 33 today.

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    Haha thanks! And you had an incredible haul as well

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