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    Had a killer night, at the Swarm game, that started very slowly/poorly. I got shutout pre game. I was focused on getting Rookie Matt Gibson on a Long Island Lizards (my favorite MLL team) 8X10. He just gave high fives though coming in from warm ups.

    After the game I went to the post game interview/autograph session. They had 3 players signing and 3 doing an interview. I went through the line for the 3 signing. Then went and got the 3 after the interview. They were rushing people out of there, or trying to. Here's what I got:
    Mitch Belisle 1/1 custom (Signing)
    Evan Kirk 1/1 custom (Signing)
    Alex Crepinsek 1/1 custom (signing)
    Tyler Carlson 2/2 custom, logo 8X10 (interview)
    Tyler Hass 2/2 custom, logo 8x10 (interview)
    Andrew Suitor 1/1 pocket schedule (interview)

    Then as I was leaving I saw Dan Ball sitting there talking to one of the really popular fans, so I went over and got him:
    Dan Ball 1/1 Custom

    So I'm at 9 autographs right now, which would be an awful night as far as 2013 has been so far (I'm averaging 20 per time I graph). But something incredible was about to happen.
    As I was getting Ball, the fan said "You must be Alec." I said yeah (we are friends on facebook and I interviewed him on the radio once, but had never met him) So I talked to him for a long time and then he's like "Hey come down to McGovern's with us, a bunch of the players will be there." So after some contemplating, I decided to tag along.

    After waiting a while players started to arrive and before I knew it I was all but out of stuff. Here's what I got:
    Matt Gibson 3/3 2 8x10s, custom
    Brock Sorensen 3/3 2 customs, 8X10 (The 1st rounder one, finally complete)
    Pat Smith 1/1 custom
    Jeff Gilbert 2/2 game poster, custom
    Callum Crawford 1/1 custom
    Ryan Benesch 1/1 custom
    Joel Henry 1/1 custom 8X10
    Corbyn Tao 2/2 custom, game poster
    Greg Downing 1/1 custom
    Nik Bilic 2/2 custom, 8X10 (He thought my 8X10 was absolutely sweet)
    Jay Card 1/1 custom
    Jordan MacIntosh 1/1 custom
    Andrew Watt 1/1 custom

    Then with only needing a few players still (that were listed above) and not seeing my favorite player, who I have a game worn jersey of, yet I was getting ready to go, but was talking to the fellow fan that invited me when BOOM! David Earl arrived!! I was SO pumped. Dan Ball was with him, I saw Ball first and he saw me and was like, "Hey I brought David for ya." Haha It was funny. I was so pumped. I talked David for a long time. He said it was finally nice to meet me, cause I tweet him and stuff on twitter and facebook all the time. He said he really appreciated all the support. Then we talked about my jersey, the customs, him needing to score more goals, how pumped I am for him to play for the Lizards this year and about how he is excited about that, then about how he felt when he played for Hamilton (Toronto based MLL team). Then came crunch time and we went to get my jersey signed. I had a silver "Sharpie brand" paint pen, I shook it up like crazy, but it wouldn't show up on the Jersey, so I need some suggestions
    on what to et for next time. Here's what I tried to use:

    Anyways after that, I was bummed but we are gonna get it done at the next game I'm at, he said it was ok to message him on facebook before the game, a couple days before, so we are on the same page. I got him on a custom and an 8X10, then.
    David Earl 2/3 8X10, Custom (Pic with also; favorite player)

    It was really cool to mingle with a lot of the players in an environment with no security and stuff and just seems more real/natural than the post game events at the X. I'll def be doing that again. All the players were super friendly, and many of them are beginning to recognize me and stuff. It was cool to just chat them up, as well as get autos. Anyways what started as a slow night ended 31 autographs later as my favorite graphing experience this year, so far. I got ALL the customs I got from rockiesfan done in 2 games. With most coming tonight. I also have just 1 individual unsigned 8X10 left and 1/2 the team on to get on the logo 8x10. I will need to restock and reload before the next game I'm at. I will miss the next two due to vacations. I will post pics in a separate post below.

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    Logo 8X10

    Nik Bilic 8X10

    David Earl 8X10

    Matt Gibson 8X10 #1 (cropped terribly)

    Matt Gibson 8X10 #2

    Completed 4 1st rounders 8X10. Gonna do a 2nd one of this one.

    Pat Smith, Matt Gibson and Brock Sorensen (#1) customs


    More customs.....

    More customs.....

    Andrew Suitor signed pocket schedule

    Jeff Gilbert game poster

    Corbyn Tao game poster (tried it in silver, not happening)

    Next up I have the highly anticipated trip to Iowa for the Gophers/Hawkeyes bball game, next weekend.

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    If you have a target near you try Infinity permanent markers or try ultra mark Metallic markers from walmart

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    Quote Originally Posted by berman74 View Post
    If you have a target near you try Infinity permanent markers or try ultra mark Metallic markers from walmart
    Alright. Sounds good. Thanks!

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    Hey man. I was wondering if you have any info on the visiting team entrance or what hotel the Heat stay at when they come here. I'm going to be at the State DECA conference and am going to try and sneak away to see if I can get any Heat stuff a.k.a The Big 3!!! LOL Any help would be awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladwig5798 View Post
    Hey man. I was wondering if you have any info on the visiting team entrance or what hotel the Heat stay at when they come here. I'm going to be at the State DECA conference and am going to try and sneak away to see if I can get any Heat stuff a.k.a The Big 3!!! LOL Any help would be awesome!
    PM Sent...

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    Alrighty! The big trip to Iowa which started with a 4 1/2 hour car drive yesterday AM and has been slow, finally got kicked into gear today. After much waiting and anxiety the Gophers arrived at the hotel (same hotel I'm staying at). When they arrived I stood off to the side of the door in the lobby and got some of the players when they came in. First person I got was Tubby Smith. I was on the side of the door and I asked him if he could sign and he waved me over. I told him I liked his little dance after the win over Wisconsin on Thursday. Haha And we talked about that for a bit, then I told him good luck tomorrow and that I'd be there. He then asked my name and I told him, then he said "nice to meet you." and shook my hand.

    Then the players starting coming in and here's what I got:
    Tubby Smith 1/1 basketball
    Maverick Ahanmisi 1/1 basketball
    Austin Hollins 1/3 basketball
    Dre Hollins 1/3 basketball
    Wally Ellenson 1/1 basketball
    Maurice "Big Mo" Walker 1/1 basketball
    Rodney Williams 2/2 basketball and 8x10

    Then after going back to my room for a bit I went down to the lobby and Elliot Eliason and Chris Halvorsen were down there trying to study, but they were being bugged by these drunk dudes. So I got them, then I sat and talked to them for a bit waiting to see if more people came down. Elliot was really cool and nice.
    Chris Halvorsen 1/1 basketball
    Elliot Eliason 1/1 basketball

    Gonna do one more scan of the lobby and stuff then go to bed so I can get back at it early before the game.

    Dre Hollins, Big Mo, Chris Halvorsen, Wally Ellenson and Elliot Eliason.

    Maverick Ahanmisi, Rodney Williams and Austin Hollins.

    Rodney Williams 8X10
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    Just got done with my building scan. Went down to the lobby 1st, Former Gopher and NBA player Quincy Lewis was down there, but I forgot my cards of him on my dresser back home. Then I went up to the 6th floor, got off the elevator and star point guard, Dre Hollins was chilling in the hallway on his laptop, so I got him on 2 8X10s. One of him and other star guard Austin Hollins. I'll have to get Austin on that one tomorrow. Here are the pics:



    Dre Hollins 2/2
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