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    Those Hollins photos are awesome!
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    Finally back from Iowa. This AM before the game I sat in the lobby most of the morning. Also went up to the 6th floor a few times. I got the rest of the team on my basketball, former player Quincy Lewis on an index card and Austin Hollins on an 8X10. Recap and photos below:

    Julian Welch 1/1 basketball (Caught him in the fitness center)
    Kendal Shell 1/1 basketball (Got him in the 6th floor hallway)
    Trevor Mbakwe 1/2 basketball (As they were boarding the bus, just like all of the following)
    Oto Osenieks 1/1 basketball
    Austin Hollins 1/2 8X10 (Came down, saw me standing there and asked me if I had anything for him to sign. Only got 1 of the 2 8X10s I had cause I was focused on finishing the basketball)
    Andre Ingram 1/1 basketball
    Charles Buggs 1/1 basketball
    Joe Coleman 1/1 basketball
    Quincy Lewis 1/1 index card (He was hanging out in the lobby chatting up fans, super cool guy)

    Then I had 2 8x10s left to try at the game. There were no true ushers at Carver Hawkeye, so I had no trouble getting down to the tunnel, but there were what I called "Usher guards" who dressed as ushers, but acted as security guards. Anyways while waiting for the Gophers to finish warming up one randomly comes over after I had been standing there for like 20 minutes and says "Don't ask the players for autographs, they need to focus on the game, just put your hands out for a high 5." (I had my 8x10s out and a Silver marker) So while thinking to myself "Yeah, F(uck) you guy, I came 4 1/2 hours, I'll let the players decide that." I gave him a "Oh, ok." that sounded kind of like I was new to this and that I was gonna listen. I kept my photos out the teams started coming off, I yelled over to Trevor Mbakwe and he came over and signed an 8x10 for me. He was super nice as usual and even asked where I wanted him to sign at. Anyways, I thanked Trevor and looked up and the "usher guard" was just glaring at me. Since I had noticed I had missed Austin Hollins while getting Mbakwe, I just gave him a dirty smile and went to my seats.
    Trevor Mbakwe 1/1 8X10
    Austin Hollins 0/1

    1 side of the basketball.

    Other side.

    Quincy Lewis index card

    Mbakwe 8X10

    Austin and Dre Hollins 8x10

    Not sure what's up next. It could be another Swarm game next weekend or the UConn/DePaul game in Chicago next weekend or nothing. If I end up doing nothing next weekend I probably won't have anything till March 16th, although I'd like to hit up a Wolves game again, soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gladdyontherise View Post
    Those Hollins photos are awesome!
    Thanks. I really like the one of him and Austin. These pics don't do justice to how great they really look.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vladfan27 View Post
    That basketball is sweet!
    Thanks! Yeah, I'm glad I stumbled upon that. I got it off the NCAA shop website. It was like $35. I'm not sure what other teams they have, but I'd imagine it'd be a lot of them. The price is a little steep, but they are very nice and are well worth it if getting the whole team or a big name player on them.

    Quote Originally Posted by patsfan1212 View Post
    Damn nice dude.
    Hahaha Thanks, man. It was a good trip graphing wise... As for the game... lol

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    Also there was some weird chick there and her and her son followed me around all last night and this AM. They didn't get any autographs or anything, but anyways she filmed me getting some of the players as they left today and sent them to me. I put them on my youtube page, so if you can bear with her annoyingness and the crappy video quality, I'll post them below. Feel free to check them out (and subscribe ).

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    Alright It's been awhile. I tried graphing UConn at a Depaul/UConn game in late February, but the arena is pretty ungraphable. Anyways since then i've been saving up for the trip to Dallas I have for the Sweet 16/Elite 8. I still don't have any successes, but will soon. Thought I'd just give everyone a quick update. For the Sweet 16/Elite 8 I will be attending the practices on Thursday afternoon.

    The 1st practice will be the star studded Michigan Wolverines. For them I got 1 8x10 of each of the following (in order of desire to get):
    1. Trey Burke
    2. Tim Hardaway Jr.
    3. Glenn Robinson III
    Next will be the surprising Eagles of Florida Gulf Coast University. They totally threw me off guard so I whipped up custom 8X10s of:
    1. Sherwood Brown (2)
    2. Andy Enfield (Head coach)
    They will be followed by the Jayhawks of Kansas. I have 1 8X10 of each of the following:
    1. Ben McLemore
    2. Travis Releford
    3. Jeff Withey
    4. Bill Self
    Lastly will be my beloved Florida Gators. I have a floorbboard I'm gonna try to get the majority of guys on and 1 8x10 of Billy Donovan. I am also gonna try to find their hotel.
    Others I have stuff for:
    1. Tim Hardaway (son plays for Michigan)
    2. Glenn Robinson (Son also plays for Michigan)
    3. Steve Kerr (Announcin for TBS)

    I also will be attending the Rangers Spring training game at their Ballpark in Arlington, against the Mexico City Red Devils. I may graph that among other potential things while in town.

    Sorry to everyone who asked to 50/50, I can't. 1. This is a big time trip for me and would just like to keep everything I get and 2. I don't have much since the teams were only announced last week and I am leaving tomorrow. I was already having to hurry to make stuff for FGCU and Steve Kerr. 3rd. I probably won't get all of what I have even and 4. I'm not sure of exactly what all I am going to do or graph. The Bulls/Mavs play and the Wild/Stars also play in town this weekend as well as some college baseball games and stuff.

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    Cool I cant wait! I got Tim Hardaway Jr. TTM! He is a cool dude!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gojacks View Post
    Cool I cant wait! I got Tim Hardaway Jr. TTM! He is a cool dude!
    How long did your return take for him and whats the Address?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gojacks View Post
    Cool I cant wait! I got Tim Hardaway Jr. TTM! He is a cool dude!
    Thanks! That's cool to know! The public practices are tomorrow, so hopefully he will sign!

    Quote Originally Posted by autonut97 View Post
    How long did your return take for him and whats the Address?

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