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    Alright so there were some large changes in plans the last 48+ hours. 1. I was gonna leave Tuesday, but we decided to leave Monday night instead and drove straight through (16 hours) overnight. After resting, we planned on going to the TCU/Dallas Baptist baseball game, last night. Change of plans #2. Gators guard Kenny Boynton tweets that he is going to the Mavs game with his team (They bussed straight from their rounds 1&2 location in Austin to Dallas). So I get cheap seats to the game, in hopes to just get close enough to a few of the players.

    Got there and about 20 minutes before tipoff I spot the team in the corner of the Lower Level. I was in the 300 level. At halftime I decided to go down and see if some would come up to the concourse, right as I got up there two of the guys came up, so as they were in line I approached them and had them sign a floorboard I am trying to get all the players on. Then I waited a little more and Will Yeguete and Patric Young came up and I got both of them. Then as halftime was winding down, I decided to walk up and look at the section they were at. I noticed there was no usher, so I walked down there and approached Mike Rosario who was in the aisle seat of the top row they were taking up. I got him and Kenny Boynton and then they procceded (without me asking) to pass around my floorboard till everyone there signed it!

    I talked to and got pics with a few of the guys like Scottie Wilbekin, Kenny Boynton and Mike Rosario. It was very cool. I was so surprised by the huge friendliess of Rosario. I think what won over some of the guys is that I'm from Minnesota and drove all this way at night, was there last year in Phoenix too and I had tons of Gator gear on. I made sure to let them know, too. lol There is one mystery signature, one of the bench players didn't put a #. I speculate it's either one of the transfers in Dorian Finney-Smith or Damontre Harris. May also be the coaches son, Billy Donovan (yes, same name) who is a transfer guard. I'm gonna look into it more.

    Kenny Boynton 1/1 Floorboard
    Dillon Graham 1/1 floorboard
    Jacob Kurtz 1/1floorboard
    Braxton Ogbueze 1/1 floorboard
    Casey Prather 1/1 floorboard
    Mike Rosario 1/1 floorboard
    DeVon Walker 1/1 floorboard
    Sottie Wilbekin 1/1 floorboard
    Will Yeguete 1/1 floorboard
    Patric Young 1/1 floorboard
    Mystery auto 1/1 floorboard

    Not in attendance:
    Michael Frazier II
    Erik Murphy
    And two others, who I'm not exactly sure of yet. lol

    Me and Kenny Boynton

    Me and Mike Rosario

    Nothing special planned today. Going to the Rangers game and the open practices tomorrow. Gonna see what's going on downtown. I know what hotel they are at down there, so since I will be down there today doing non sports stuff, I may see what's going on.
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    Alright so after some research, it appears none of my three speculated players are the mystery signature. It looks like it is an assistant coach. Anyways Here's a pic of the Mystery auto, if anyone can help me it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Sounds like the whole Florida team was great. Gotta love an experience like that!
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    The floorboard looks awesome. Cool that they were nice to you. You should do well at the open practice, from what I heard, the teams signed pretty well that were at Auburn Hills last week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lambeauleap87 View Post
    Sounds like the whole Florida team was great. Gotta love an experience like that!
    Yeah, it was awesome! Especially being a fan who lives so far away.

    Quote Originally Posted by gladdyontherise View Post
    The floorboard looks awesome. Cool that they were nice to you. You should do well at the open practice, from what I heard, the teams signed pretty well that were at Auburn Hills last week.
    Thanks! It was pretty sweet! And yeah, I should do alright. Last year I made a decent haul, when I was in Phoenix and went to them. Got all the players I wanted and Reggie Miller. Haha

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    Rosario is a great guy. Met him at my coaches basketball camp when he was a freshman at Rutgers. Really nice guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yanksbball23 View Post
    Rosario is a great guy. Met him at my coaches basketball camp when he was a freshman at Rutgers. Really nice guy.
    Yeah, he was super cool.

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    Yesterday were the open practices, which after going to those for 5 hours, then the Rangers ST game last nigh I was too tired to report anything but here we go.

    1. College Basketball games should not be played in large football stadiums, especially ones like cowboys stadium.
    2. The set up actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. But they did have the tunnel that Kansas and Florida came out of, as unaccessible yesterday. It should be a fairly good set up for the games though.

    So now to the autographs. Last year when I graphed the practices I was the only person at them getting autographs. Dallas must be an autograph hot spot or something though, cause there were tons of people there. Luckily I got there before the gates opened and got down to a good spot quickly right by the only accessible tunnel. 1st team was Michigan and after practice a few of their guys came over and signed. I got both Tim Hardaway Jr. and Trey Burke on 8x10s. I was hoping to see Tim Hardaway Sr, but if he was there I didn't see him.

    2nd was Cinderella and current media darling, Florida Gulf Coast. Was at circus that was, but a lot of the guys signed before practice. I got star player and A-Sun Player of the Year Sherwood Brown on 2 custom photos, I whipped up at the last minute. After practice the whole team came over and signed for everyone. This little kid next to me got the whole team on his program. It was really cool to see, even though I didn't have anything for any of them. It was a comnplete media circus though. A couple dozen reporters, taking photos and filming, etc. I'm sure I'll be a few newspapers, online articles and news stories (I was asked by two photographers for photos and was interviewed by a local sports reporter). After their practice I got head coach Andy Enfield on a custom photo, too. He was super cool. FYI, His wife really isn't that hot. lol She isn't bad at all, but definetly not what the hype is about...Atleast anymore, maybe she used to be. lol

    Then KU and UF were unaccessible, which sucked cause it looked like their players wanted to come over and signed but just weren't allowed to.

    It doesn't end there though, I also ran into a few sports "celebrities"
    On index cards I got, WNBA HOFer Nancy Leiberman, Former Maverick Rolando Blackman, Fran Fraschilla of ESPN, Craig Sagert of TNT and Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Free Press and Around the Horn. AJ Piersincky was also there, but ignored everyone, of course. Derek Hollands of the Rangers was there, too, but I didn't recognize him and he came over right as Michigan's practice was winding down. Steve Kerr went out the media gate on the other end.

    Trey Burke 1/1 8X10
    Tim Hardaway Jr. 1/1 8X10
    Sherwood Brown 2/2 custom photos
    Andy Enfield 1/1 custom photo
    Craig Sagert 1/1 index card
    Tim Cowlishaw 1/1 index card
    Nancy Leiberman 1/1 index card
    Fran Fraschilla 1/1 index card
    Rolando Blackman 1/1 index card
    Glenn Robinson III 0/1 8x10 (went by as I was getting Burke/Hardaway Jr.)
    Ben McLemore 0/1 8x10 (unaccesible)
    Jeff Withey 0/1 8x10 " "
    Travis Releford 0/1 8x10 " "
    Bill Self 0/1 8x10 " "
    Erik Murphy 0/1 Floorbard " "
    Dorian Finney-Smith floorboard 0/1 " "
    Billy Donovan (player) floorboard 0/1 " "
    Michael Frazier II floorboard 0/1 " "
    Damontre Harris 0/1 floorboard " "
    Billy Donovan (coach) 0/1 8x10 " "
    AJ Piercinzky index card 0/1 ignored
    Derek Holland index card 0/1 Didn't recognize soon enough
    Stever Kerr 0/1 custom photo went out other exit

    Overall a decent day, it would have been awful if I hadn't run into a few people. Stupid they set it up that way, but oh well. Photos and Rangers games in next posts
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    Hardaway Jr.

    Andy Enfield


    Sherwood Brown #1

    Brown #2

    Craig Sagert

    Tim Cowlishaw

    Fran Fraschilla

    Nancy Leiberman

    Rolando Blackman

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    Rangers game: Last night the Rangers had a split squad game against the Mexico City Red Devils. I went, I was in town, tix were cheap, so why not? Got there right after the gates opened. Low security and no users, win. I go straight down to the 1st row of the VIP area of my section. No players warmed up the whole time I was down there, then they kicked us out and back to our seats, then the players came out.

    I guess there is an MLB rule where fans can go no longer get autographs after 45 minutes up to game time. I'm not sure how new this rule is or how many teams actually enforce it, but it happened to me last year at a Twins game and I just thought it was the Twins organization being their typical prick selves, but I read on the Rangers website appearantly not. Anyone have more info on this rule? Does your local team enforce it?

    I think it's a very poor thing to do. It hurts the fans and essentially makes it impossible to graph home teams, too, cause most don't come out till 30 minutes before. I think it's a really poor thing to do to the fans, but I'm not surprised. I've never done very well at MLB games, despite baseball players having a great rep as "America's sports heros" and stuff. Most baseball players I've dealt with from HS to MLB are pricks. And I was around baseball a lot in HS. It's funny they have a great rep, but NBA players are often times stereotyped as "thugs" and whatnot, but I can go to a Wolves game on any given night and get 10 plus autos from the teams combined. Most I've ever gotten at an MLB game is like 5.

    Well that's my rant. Gonna continue graphing around here till Sunday night, but Idk what else I will get before heading home.

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