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    Nice stuff at the open practice! At Comerica Park, they make us go to our seats about 30 minutes before the game starts, but they don't even let people in until after the home team has taken BP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Autofreak2842 View Post
    Rangers game: Last night the Rangers had a split squad game against the Mexico City Red Devils. I went, I was in town, tix were cheap, so why not? Got there right after the gates opened. Low security and no users, win. I go straight down to the 1st row of the VIP area of my section. No players warmed up the whole time I was down there, then they kicked us out and back to our seats, then the players came out.

    I guess there is an MLB rule where fans can go no longer get autographs after 45 minutes up to game time. I'm not sure how new this rule is or how many teams actually enforce it, but it happened to me last year at a Twins game and I just thought it was the Twins organization being their typical prick selves, but I read on the Rangers website appearantly not. Anyone have more info on this rule? Does your local team enforce it?

    I think it's a very poor thing to do. It hurts the fans and essentially makes it impossible to graph home teams, too, cause most don't come out till 30 minutes before. I think it's a really poor thing to do to the fans, but I'm not surprised. I've never done very well at MLB games, despite baseball players having a great rep as "America's sports heros" and stuff. Most baseball players I've dealt with from HS to MLB are pricks. And I was around baseball a lot in HS. It's funny they have a great rep, but NBA players are often times stereotyped as "thugs" and whatnot, but I can go to a Wolves game on any given night and get 10 plus autos from the teams combined. Most I've ever gotten at an MLB game is like 5.

    Well that's my rant. Gonna continue graphing around here till Sunday night, but Idk what else I will get before heading home.
    Yeah it is a rule and like you said Minnesota enforces it. But just tell the ushers to screw off LOL. My other tactic is go sit in a seat about ten rows up and just wait for the guys to one out then run down there! They never fail to work! LOL awesome successes too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gladdyontherise View Post
    Nice stuff at the open practice! At Comerica Park, they make us go to our seats about 30 minutes before the game starts, but they don't even let people in until after the home team has taken BP.
    Thanks! Yeah, I think the BP thing is league wide, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by ladwig5798 View Post
    Yeah it is a rule and like you said Minnesota enforces it. But just tell the ushers to screw off LOL. My other tactic is go sit in a seat about ten rows up and just wait for the guys to one out then run down there! They never fail to work! LOL awesome successes too!
    Thanks! I'll have to try those next game I go to. I'm actually not really much of a Twins fan, but a Marlins fans, so I'll be at both of those games next month, that they play here. I still go to Twins games time to time, though, living up here and not having much else going on during the Summer nights.

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    I'm gonna try and go and get Mike Redmond on my jersey when he's here! He's my all time favorite player!

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    Saturday I spent the day/night at the same hotel as the Gators (Didn't have wifi, just got home at 6 am today)! I finished up the floorboard getting Erik Murphy and Michael Frazier II on it. I also got an 8X10 signed by coach Billy Donovan and Kenny Boynton on a jersey. Also got pics with Rosario (again), Murphy and coach Donovan.

    Billy Donovan 1/1 8x10
    Erik Murphy 1/1 floorboard
    Michael Frazier II 1/1 floorboard
    Kenny Boynton 1/1 Jersey
    Dorian Finney-Smith 0/1 floorboard (In Gainesville)
    Damontre Harris 0/1 floorboard (same)
    (player) Billy Donovan 0/1 (same)

    Not sure what is gonna be next. I wanna make it to a Wolves game, but I've been saying that for over a month now, I'm done with the Swarm after they blocked me on facebook, after voicing my frusteration after a loss, other things I know coming up include my Marlins coming to MN, the Gophers football spring game that includes alumni and autographs with alumni and current players, The Nike EYBL returns to MN, as well as some other things, I believe.

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    Hey Autofreak where'd you get the floorboard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pstavrop21 View Post
    Hey Autofreak where'd you get the floorboard?
    I get mine at my local Menards for like 47 cents each or something. I usually get 4 or so at a time and only use them when I know I'm going to get a whole team, or close to, on it. I try to add a logo, but didn't get time for the Gators one and now there is no room.

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    Went to the Wolves game last night. Graphed the Wolves the whole time. It was a rough night. I managed to snag 8 before/after, but it was nothing compared to the majority of this season and how my 2013 is going so far. A lot of the guys who signed consistantly before wouldn't tonight and the guys who did sign didn't seem to be in a good mood. Here's what I got:
    Before: Outside- Andrei Kirilenko 1/3 card
    Alexey Shved 1/2 8X10
    Chase Budinger 1/3 card
    Mikael Gelebale 1/1 floorboard
    Nikola Pekovic also signed, but I had nothing for him.
    Inside- Luke Ridnour 1/1 hat
    Terry Porter 1/1 card (found the card laying outside before we went in, it was in good shape too)
    JJ Barea 1/1 card
    Ricky Rubio 0/4 (Skipped over me, assumed he would, he only signs for little kids inside)
    After: Ricky Rubio 1/4 card (used some dude's black sharpie the whole time, Surprised he signed after missing the game tying free throw with 1 sec left)

    Rubio smeared it a bit giving it back. More of a smudge.

    Anyways not a good night for me and Clryan5, but her's was probably worse. Haha Not sure what's next up, since I recently lost my job. I talked to one of the higher ups at Howard Pulley and he told me HP Pro Summer League (with all the local current and former college stars) starts after June 15th. Probably the 17th. Still wanna do the Marlins here in MN. And the Gophers Spring Game still seems likely. Everything else is up in the air for now.

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    Rough night at the Wolves game. Got nothing inside as only Budinger, D Will and Gekabale warmed uo even. D Will didn't sign. Budinger stopped about 15 people from me and I had nothing for Gelabale. Outside I got:

    Daunte Cunningham 1/1 program
    Nikola Pekovic 1/1 hat
    Alexey Shved 1/1 8x10
    Andrei Kirelinko 1/1 card (gave to little kid next to me at the game)

    Rubio signed then this little d bag kid cut in front of me to double dip and Rubio said no more then and drove in. Sounds like this kid also stole a fellow graphers' binder of 8x10s and cards.

    That was another terrible showing at the Wolves game, since getting 16 on my bday (Jan. 8th) I didn't get 10 at any other game. The guys seemed dissinterested, agitated and bored with the fans these last couple of weeks. That's my last Wolves game for the year. I'm bummed cause 1. I don't do much baseball 2. Basketball is my main graphing season now 3. I love bball and 4. I think they will blow up the roster this off season and I still have plenty of unsigned stuff.

    I am up to 221 on the year, now. I was expecting to have a good night tonight and maybe Monday, to bring me close to getting my goal of 300 this month. Gonna be tough now. Next, I am gonna swallow my pride and go to the last Swarm game of the season to get my GU jersey signed at the post game team autograph session. Then (hopefully) atleast one day of the Marlins in MN. Then the one I'm hoping to pass my goal at, the Minnesota Gophers spring game on the 27th.

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    Been a little while. Things have been blowing up in my face left and right with a combination of a current lack of income (although I did get a new job) and mostly the BS weather we have had here, which has been canceling events/games left and right as well as making graphing less fun and my desire to do so very low. I do go to the last Swarm game on Saturday night (just getting a chance to post) to get my David Earl GU jersey signed.

    The Swarm lost 14-16 (hahaha), then after the game the whole team went up to the concourse to sign and hang out with the fans. I waited about 45 minutes or so and finally David came up, I ran ovet to him and caught him before he got over to where the huge crowd was. He signed my jersey and this time it worked perfectly! I used one of those Infinty silver markers, which ironically I had the 1st time, but didn't think it would work. Haha I bought a fresh one the day before, though. Then we talked a little bit about the upcoming MLL season. He's gonna be playing for the Long Island Lizards after he was included in a draft day trade with his old team, the Hamilton Nationals.

    David Earl 1/1 GU Jersey

    My Marlins are in town right now, but the outlook on being able to graph them right now isn't good. Hopefully it will rain or snow (preferably rain) the next two days, so the series will be resheduled for a better time. The Gophers spring game on Saturday is still looking like a good possibility, but besides that the graphing calendar is empty right now. In unrelated news, I have decided to go to Milwaukee for my 2014 NCAA tournament trip (1st and 2nd Rounds) and I'm gonna possibly go to Alaska in November for the "Great Alaska Shootout" college basketball tournament.

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