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Thread: Local Card Shop VS Online

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    Local Card Shop VS Online

    Hey all,
    I usually order online because I haven't found a card shop around here.

    Here is the question for you.

    I found a card shop about 20 min away, they have contenders... Problem is they want 90 a hobby box...

    I can go on pittsburgh sports or whatever that site is and pay 110 shipped for 2 boxes or 57 shipped for 1.

    How much is too much to support a small business?

    Finally, I probably will buy online, but what would you recommend?

    11/12 year
    Sp Auth
    Another Contenders?
    or UD 1 / UD2?

    I usually do UD1, but wanted an idea of anew product.

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    It really depend and vary on where you live. I like to buy off my LCS and often will end up paying a bit more but I like to talk and show off my hits. You will not get that from a online store. US residant is probably way cheaper but for us Canadian it's not always the case. LCS here need to charge taxes where online store do not always have to charge tax and LCS may have more expensive fee to have a store. I know that for me the difference is not much and I do get some cards like the owner know what I collect and got me some very old cards from 1933 and has soon as he got them, he called me to have a chance to buy them. And I did. Now it's a relation that I appreciate. I get feedback from the seller point of view, news of card company as he attend delaer show at time. To me it's part of the hobby. But I also live in a market where we have a few store around. Now it the difference is a lot then I suggest you buy them online. At time if they have no close competion, they may just charge way to much.
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    Yes, I used to go to "Ziggy's" which now is basically that owner in florida and selling on beckett. His prices were great and it was fun to open hockey and pokemon cards there (I was in grade school then) but I have always remembered the memories of opening cards there.

    Now its hard because the distance to the store and stuff like that.

    Sucks its so far away.

    Maybe i need to open a LCS, anyone live North of detroit have any other shops?

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    To me - that's too much of a difference.

    I like supporting the local shop. I've got two that are near me.... one just opened in the last couple of years..... and I actually still prefer to do the longer drive to the place I've been going to for the last 10 years. They'll get my business over an online retailer anytime, even if it would save me $5 to buy off a website.

    Saying that.... I don't mind spending $70 instead of $65 to support them. If I was talking about $70 or $100, well, that's too much of a gap. Got to go with the better price.
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    I am very much a fan of supporting the LCS, but I don't have that luxury where I live. I've always bought boxes online and like getting the better deal. As mentioned above by Luke, I would gladly pay a little bit extra (maybe $15 at most) to be able to share my hits with other collectors and kind of have that inside relationship with the owner.

    As for your other question on which boxes to buy from 11/12....I would go with SPA. SPx is kind of a hit or miss product and SPA is more of a consistent product and has good resale/trade value. Good luck with the box busting and Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

    Brian F-

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    Get to know your LCS, it helps a ton with preorders, recommendations, prices, etc. I'll go to the LCS, especially in Canada, just because it's fun to talk, browse singles, and hold the cards in your hand right away. Supporting them isn't bad either. Honestly, I'd pay, depending on the box price, 15% more or so.

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    Yea, I guess 10-15 bucks wouldn't be bad, I wasn't going to pay an 80% markup of $50 to pay $90 for a box of contenders... I almost was going to say "WHAT" but just was nice and said thanks and hungup.

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    Lol. My LCS has Contenders for 114 and Elite for 129. I'm one of only 3 "hockey guys" that shop there and it is getting harder and harder to justify the support.

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    PensFan7187 said: "Lol. My LCS has Contenders for 114 and Elite for 129. I'm one of only 3 "hockey guys" that shop there and it is getting harder and harder to justify the support."

    This is my problem too. There are 2 LCS that I enjoy supporting, for most of the reasons mentioned above, but they are not well versed in the hockey thing as far as really knowing the sport, and the card trends. It os better here now than it was in the 70-80-90's when I would be the ONLY person who even knew what the sport was/is. Still, the LCS is the foundation of the activity, and it sux that they are dying away in some places, so I tend to go there instead

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    Ever since I've gotten back into the hobby last July. I've really enjoyed my time at my LCS. Yes, his prices are more $$$ than online but like most people said. The price difference makes a difference. Honestly, Anything less than $15 savings, I'd go with the LCS because time is money and that instant gratification of opening right away on release date for example cannot be matched. I go there enough that I do have a special price but still can be found cheaper online at times.

    The biggest thing I realize is they are a business to. If they weren't here, it would take away a very happy part of my life. So I do try my best to support them whenever I can. The owner is a great guy, some of the staff have become friends so really, it's not just the price I always consider. Support your shops as they give us a reason to head there and get away for our happy time :)

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