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    WTB: Partial sets from most years, insert or base

    I'm looking to buy some partial sets. Not really particular on if they are base sets or insert sets or from what era. Preferably no base sets from the early to mid 90s just because I already have most of them. I like 70s and 80s stuff and insert sets from the 90s/00s. I'd like to get most sets with at least close to half of the set already done. If there are 14 cards and 180 still to go, I might as well start it myself so I'm not really looking for just small lots. If you're looking to sell them, I'm buying. PM me your offers or list here.

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    i have completed base sets of:
    11-12 Black Diamond
    11-12 SP Authentic
    11-12 Upper Deck Series 1
    11-12 Upper Deck Series 2
    08-09 Upper Deck Victory

    and partial base sets of:
    05-06 Upper Deck Series 2
    06-07 Upper Deck Series 1
    09-10 Upper Deck Series 1
    10-11 Upper Deck Series 1
    10-11 Upper Deck Series 2
    11-12 Black Diamond
    11-12 SPx
    11-12 Upper Deck Series 1
    12-13 Black Diamond

    shoot me a pm if your interested in any
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    i have completed base sets of:
    03-04 Black Diamond
    05-06Black Diamond
    06-07Black Diamond
    08-09Black Diamond

    02-03 UD Rook Update
    03-04 SPx
    05-06 UD Rook Update

    03-04 Upper Deck Series 1
    On these sets, take 40% of book. S&H charges will be detrmined on how big the shipping box needs to be. The cost will be fair market value.

    and I did PM you an offer on a 71-72 OPC Partial set.

    PM me
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    Looking for partial sets only! Nothing complete please :)

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    I have most of the set from 10-11 UD Victory, along with inserts!

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    I have many partial almost complete sets. Stuff like Artifacts, Trilogy, SPx, SPA, Hot Prospects, Certified, etc. Will get you more details.

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    Sent some PMs around, keep them coming guys!

    I really want to do the 12-13 Certified Blue Parallel set. I love the look of those cards. Anyone got a bunch they're looking to get rid of?

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    I've got 12/15 of the ea superstars set, only.missing toews, pronger and M.Koivu
    Shoot me a pm and lmk if youre interested

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