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    Looking for Marc Savard Cards...

    I am looking for any base/insert/parallels/#erd/GU/Autos of Marc Savrd. Let me know if you have any and how much CC you are looking for, for them.

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    i have a 09/10-ud jumbo-#OS2-marc savard.
    if you need it.

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    I have these if you are still looking for them:

    00-01 Upper Deck MVP 32 Marc Savard (Flames) 10cc
    03-04 Pacific 21 Marc savard (Thrashers) 10cc
    03-04 Upper Deck Victory 8 Marc Savard (Thrashers) 5cc
    06-07 Upper Deck Victory 10 Marc Savard (Thrashers) 25cc
    07-08 Black Diamond 4 Marc Savard (Bruins) 25cc
    08-09 Artifacts 94 Marc Savard (Bruins) 20cc
    09-10 Black Diamond 45 Marc Savard (Bruins) 20cc
    09-10 Collectors Choice 161 Marc Savard (Bruins) 15cc
    09-10 McDonalds 4 Marc Savard (Bruins) 30cc
    09-10 SPx 69 Marc Savard (Bruins) 35cc
    09-10 Upper Deck MVP 268 Marc savard (Bruins) 25cc
    10-11 Artifacts 26 Marc Savard (Bruins) 20cc
    10-11 SP Authentic 132 Marc Savard (Bruins) 25cc

    09-10 Upper Deck Faces of the Franchise FF6 Marc Savard (Bruins) Scan 60cc
    09-10 Colectors Choice Choice Reserve 161 Marc Savard (Bruins) 30cc

    that's 355cc total, but I'll take 300cc for the lot plus 150cc to deliver to the US that makes it 450cc if you are interested.
    Searching for: Jagr, Palffy, Stumpel, and Boyd
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    Also Looking for Upper Deck CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders Cards!!

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