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Thread: Help with Who to Collect

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    Help with Who to Collect

    I have my search narrowed down to a few guys I think but I would like some input from everyone else if possible. My favorite former player is

    Mike Bibby and he has a great selection of cards and is not very expensive. Although who knows when we will see new cards made of Bibby. My

    other choice is Andrew Nicholson because he graduated a year ahead of me at Saint Bonaventure University. My dilemma with Nicholson is that I

    won't be able to get my hands on the nicer things that he has because it is RC and therefore will go for more money. I am just throwing ideas

    around right now but any input would help. Maybe you have another player to select?

    Thank you.

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    Well if you start collecting BIBBY I can start your collection off by offering you these two Bibby Relics for cheap! I'll shoot you a PM! Oh and as a Magic fan I can say that Nicholson is a stud!

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    Nicholson is great man! Watched him dominate in college, a great person and player. You guy's got yourself a steal!!

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    Before I even opened the thread I was going to suggest Nicholson, lol. Get in early if you do choose to collect him, otherwise as you said, his higher end cards will skyrocket!

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    Unless your dead set on only collecting one player i think you should just do both, I collect a few players that are very different.

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    ken griffey jr he going to be a HOF
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    I'd say to collect both. I also have a Bibby gu or 2 in the bucket you may need.

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    I might go after both but If I could focus on 1 guy, it would be that much better...

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    I would go with Nicholson especially if you were in school with him.Makes a better story with your collection
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    I say both but if you insist on chosing go with Nicholson because he is still active, will be coming out with a lot more cards since he is still playing and you will have a better chance of getting his auto IP. Bibby used to sign IP before games but since he no longer plays its not as easy to get his auto IP.
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