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    LTB: Russell Westbrook RC's, Auto's and/or SSP, Preferably High BGS/PSA

    The title says it all, people. Just for the sake of being crystal clear, I will reiterate. I'm looking for Russell Westbrook RC's that are BGS 9.5, PSA 10, BGS 9 (thick stock) and highly gradeable raw cards. I don't have much of anything available FT, but I do have an 09-10 NT Brandon Jennings Colossal Prime patch/auto /25 left over from my old PC. The card has 3 colors and 4 breaks. I understand that this card could not be traded 1 - 1 for any of the cards that I'm looking for, but it could be included in a purchase/trade. If you'd like to see this card, shoot me a PM and I will send you a link. Please refer to my Bucket link that's in my sig for the Westbrook cards that I've already acquired. If you have something available that fits any of those descriptions, please give me a shout so we can make an attempt at working out a deal. Also, if you happen to have a highly graded version of one of the raw cards that I already have, there's a good chance that I will still be interested.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!!


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    I have these three

    WESTBROOK GOLD- $450 BGS population 1 of 3 none graded higher
    WESTBROOK BLUE-$375 w/10 BGS population 1 of 2
    WESTBROOK BLUE-$325 BGS population 2 of 2 I own the only two blues that been graded 9.5 by beckett none graded any higher

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