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    Which of these boxes has the best bang for the buck?

    I am looking to buy a box of basketball cards. Any comments on these?

    2005/06 Topps Chrome
    2005/06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut
    2005/06 Upper Deck Hardcourt
    2005/06 Upper Deck Sweet Shot
    2005/06 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects

  2. Kronozio
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    I would go with Sweet Shot. I'm picking one up for myself here in a day or two. Stay away from harcourt though. there cards aren't all that

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    I'd go with Rookie Debut.

    You are guaranteed two of either an auto or a piece and they have some nice looking autos.

    I busted one and ended up with a Luther Head Auto, a Jason Maxiell redemption auto, a Devean George Piece, and top it off...............

    A draft day rewind double auto of Lebron and Carmello #/25.

    THe draft day rewinds would be enough for me to buy it again.

    I also busted a Sweet Spot.

    Ended up with an Ike Diogu auto, Yao Piece, and Ray Allen Piece, along with three Rooks. not that impressed.

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    topps chrome... they are the most recognized and i believe the rookie hold their value the best... the second would be sweet spot if you get a nice hit but as stated above... there are some crummy boxes as well
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    AJ Guyton 75/87 85% plus 5 1/1's
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    I agree with those that said Topps Chr. Just from the standpoint that I find the cards to be real nice looking and I like the way the refractors are numbered.

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    I had some decent luck with hardcourt. but would probalby go with sweet spot

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    i would go with chrome
    but if u want rc debyt from i can get u a better price so pm me

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    I'd do the Chrome or Sweet Shot. At $70/box for Chrome you get some nice stuff. I bought 4 packs the other day and beat the odds on two of them. Pulled two refractors that were 1 every 400+ packs :)

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    I went ahead and got a box of topps chrome off of ebay for $52 including shipping, thanks for all of the advice

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