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Thread: I'm confused...

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    I'm confused...

    Hey everyone, I PC the Dolphins, and I like to keep my collection well-rounded and I like collecting former players autographs, especially now when there's not much to collect on the current team. I was looking at Marcus Vick auto's, and I don't get it.. His contenders are selling for 30+ and eBay sellers are trying to get 100+ for them. WHY? Here's his NFL stats: Games played: 1 Receptions: 0 Touchdowns: 0. If anyone knows why, please enlighten me!! :frusty:

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    Theres no telling why. Only thing I can think is college collectors are buying them up. It also depends on how many rc autos he has. If thats one of his only autos and being contenders that would explain. Even then $30 seems kind of high.

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    He has three auto's I've seen. His contenders, which is #ed /149, PressPass, and a National Treasures auto #ed /200. The NT sells for around 2-5 bucks, and the last Press Pass sold for 4.25 and it was numbered /200. I don't get why the Contenders is so much more it sold for 31.50. I just think if it were College collectors, don't you think they'd be more interested in his Press Pass thats /200? Ah, I don't know, it just doesn't make any sense.. to me at least.

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    Those arent selling. Looks like one seller only. Probably invested in him and is trying to get their money back. Some people are like that. They have no clue of how the hobby works or economics. Some sellers are clueless. Ive seen plenty of them for years. Odds are you wont ever see those cards less than that. Unless someone happens to randomly list one. They figure if its the only one listed they can charge whatever they want. My guess is eventually the seller will get rid of them but not on ebay and they will never list it for less than what its at right now. They cant get what they want so they make sure nobody else gets it. Ive seen it over and over. Might as well forget about those and move to something else.

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    I didnt see any sell. Just ended listings with no bids. If one did then its because the seller is monopolizing them and someone got it cause they needed it.

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    They're either trying to recover cost, or trying to take advantage of someone. Unfortunately it happens

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    Maybe the person who paid $30 thought it was MICHAEL Vick?
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    For set collectors any short printed Contenders auto holds some value over time. Even if the player isn't successful in the NFL. If I remember correctly Marcus Vick was one of the shorter prints that year.

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    There is a guy at a card show that I occasionally go to that has a bevy of Marcus Vick. If you want, when I see him again I will see if he has a Contenders that he will part with at a more reasonable price.

    You also might try contacting bigkev17 as I think he is friends with the guy that I am talking about.

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    Maybe a SP that set collectors go after? That would be the only reason I see for a card to have value for a guy that is a nobody while the rest of his autographs are nothing. Sometimes people care more about the card than who it is actually of and most of the time those people are set collectors.
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