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    Another great set Ethan with a very nice story and photos. I hope you have a nice display for those sets because it would be a shame to not have them out for folks to admire. I have my favorites in a matted frame hanging on my wall. Maybe a bit pricey but I can enjoy them that way. Always look forward to your next project.
    Dear Allan,

    I truly appreciate your comment! I'm glad you like the set, it's a very special one for me. I'll definitely have it either as a display on my wall or in one of my binders. Perhaps I'll even try both and mix it up a little to keep things fresh.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MasonRaymond0320 View Post
    Woww awesome stories! but amazing work in creating the mask cards! :) Itll look cool with the auto, thanks for sharing:)
    You're welcome, Andrew. I appreciate your comment!

    Quote Originally Posted by theboxbreaker96 View Post
    I really enjoyed reading all the short stories. That sounds like a lot of fun and the cards look great!
    It was indeed a lot of fun! It has been my most fun custom Mask card project to date. I might do another one next season, but it depends which masks the goalies will wear at that point. I wouldn't want to have to re-use some of the same masks in next year's set, so I'm hoping that they'll get some new designs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reinhart View Post
    really sick

    keep it up!
    Haha, thanks for your comment.

    Quote Originally Posted by FanOfSpeed08 View Post
    wow you have put together something awesome. great stories too
    Thank you, it's appreciated!

    Thanks to everyone for your comments.


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