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    Vikings @ Packers Wild Card Discussion Thread

    Who you got? Why?

    This is the place for all discussions of the game!


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    Go Pack Go!
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    Of course I have the Packers winning this one although I eas very dissapointed that they lost last sunday. This one is not going to be that easy

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    Go Vikings! That's all I can say. If we can get a duplicate game from Ponder, this should be another great game. Bad weather could favor our style and hurt GB.
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    I've got the Vikings winning this game. Of course, AP is going to play a huge factor for the Vikings like always, but Ponder does need to duplicate his success from last week as well, in order for the Vikes to eliminate the Packers.
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    Wish the vikes would win but they will lose... BAD probably.
    Webb starting?..... I would love to see a huge game from him but the pack will probably win -_-
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    Joe Webb goes for 250 passing and 100 rushing in a win, along with AP having 150 yards on the ground.

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    GB - 34
    Minn - 13

    I cant see a scenario where the Vikes pull this out.
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    Packers should roll but if they don't and Webb has a good game then his stuff is going to skyrocket on eBay!
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