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    Bengals @ Texans Wild Card Discussion Thread

    Who you got? Why?

    This is the place for all discussions of the game!


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    Bengals over the Texans

    Bengals are on a 3 game winning streak and look like a playoff team by winning back2back games over tough division rivals (Steelers and Ravens) to get into the playoffs. Bengals have the 6th ranked defense, have given up the 8th fewest points and have forced the 8th most turnovers.

    Texans have lost 3 of the last 4 and look like the team that I thought they were (average team playing a weak schedule). Add in that the Texans have the 16th ranked pass defense and have given up the 6th most passing TDs and I imagine that AJ Green is going to cap off his stellar regular season with a shredding of the Texans secondary.

    Bengals 27 Texans 16
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    I hope you are right duane, they need a playoff win badly. im loving the bengals defense and if it gets to where schaub has to throw them out of a deficit ill take our dline over the Texans any day of the week.

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    Texans lose for one reason. Worst 3rd down offense and defense in their last 5 games. Right now They cant fight their way out of a wet paper bag with a samurai sword

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    i guess losing those LB's really has hurt them

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    Its not that. Their offense has had 50 3 and outs this season. Thats most in the nfl. 3rd down defense has been secondary issues and penalties. Their front 7 has been the most solid dispite the injuries. Its the offense. Kubiak making the same bad predictable play calls, bad decisions by schaub, dropped passes and penalties. Its been depressing watching it. Their offense was better with david carr. They have scored 1 td in their last 10 quarters. Schaub has thrown 1 td in his last 5 games. The defense is on the field over half the game. Its terrible.

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    Texans offense looks better, but they still cant score a touchdown

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    Neither of these teams look like they will get far even if they win today
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    Yeah. If the texans win they go back to new england. They wont win there with field goals

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    Bengals should have this wrapped up. I feel AJ green will be the difference in the second half and Houston is way overrated. Cant even score a TD right now

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