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Thread: Question about storage boxes.

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    Question about storage boxes.

    Hey guys,

    So up until now, I've been keeping my collection in cigar boxes. They're almost a perfect size. However, now that my collection is growing and growing, I gotta look at bigger boxes. Anyone want to suggest some makes/brands ? Ideally, they've gotta fit toploaders. Thanks in advance.

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    Your standard 1600 ct card holder fits top loaders perfectly well (its a little short for graded, but the width is fine).

    Also, with the holidays just being over, you might want to look into ornament storage boxes:

    Bring a top loader with you when shopping to check, but I find that these also store top loaders and graded card slabs. I like them because its easy to store smaller collections. My wife picked mine out because she was tired of the plain looking card boxes above.

    GL & Cheers

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