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    Couple of Prizm packs - not bad

    Pack 1:
    Shawn Kemp 197
    Hakeem Olajuwon 155
    Cory Higgins 273 (RC)
    Shelvin Mack 230 (Prizm Refractor)
    Mike Conley 31
    Antawn Jamison 88

    Pack 2:
    O.J. Mayo 143
    Harrison Barnes 246 (RC)
    Alec Burks 204 (RC)
    Bill Laimbeer 2 (edit - just realized this and some of my other legends cards were inserts - I thought they were subsets within the base set - this is a 'Finalists' insert)
    Danny Granger 5
    Dirk Nowitzki 63

    Nice to get one of the refractors and one of the top rookies in two packs. LMK if you need anything.
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    I need this one

    Harrison Barnes 246 (RC)
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    Not bad, much does this run per pack? I have yet to see it in hobby version, but I've seen it for $2.99/pack in Walmart, oddly enough.
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    Rory, I got a couple of others interested in it already, but if neither of those work out, I'll let you know; thanks.

    Nathan, hobby packs are $6 at my LCSes.
    gone and done -- fun while it lasted

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