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    Last High-End Gaborik Mail For 2012... The Cup, Dominion, Superlative... 1/1's!


    Just got the last piece of this mail post in today and though it's technically 2013 I am still counting it as a 2012 pickup since I won it last week.

    I am taking a quality-over-quantity approach to my Gaborik collection and it has been working out great so far, these five cards are a great way to finish off 2012.

    Here's the countdown...


    5) ITG Superlative Volume 2 Nameplate Letter "I" 1/1

    Got this one in a deal here on SCF, it is the second game-used nameplate letter I have from Gaborik's Superlative 2 game-worn Wild jersey. It looks great next to the "K" I showed in a previous post.


    4) 2011-12 Panini Dominion Peerless Patches 24/40

    Picked this one up for a good price about a week or two ago. I think Panini's Peerless Patches design from this past season is very clean and classy, and a huge kudos are in order for putting out a high end, jumbo auto/patch insert set to compete with Upper Deck's Limited Logos. Speaking of Limited Logos...


    3) 2011-12 Upper Deck The Cup Limited Logos 24/25

    The scan does not do this card justice at all, what a great looking card in person. I had mixed feelings when I saw The Cup checklist and realized Gaborik was one of only two short-prints in this year's Limited Logos set, alongside the Gretzky #/10. I knew it would make for a much more collectible card at half the normal print run but I wasn't looking forward to competing with other set collectors for a copy. About seven or eight of these have appeared already and every one of them has had a nice three-color patch like this one. I actually saw this copy closer to release but missed out, thankfully I was able to get another shot at it and I didn't let it get away. Very happy to get this in hand and can't stop staring at it.


    2) ITG Superlative Volume 3 Nameplate Letter "O" 1/1

    I was disappointed to see that Gaborik had very few cards in the most recent Superlative release, and by few I mean 18 in total. Not 18 cards in different sets, 18 physical cards in the entire print run of the product. On the plus side seven of those cards were game-worn nameplate letters from Gaborik's Rangers jersey. I have been anticipating these letters hitting the market since it was revealed by a Get Real 2 Meigray tag (owned by Curt) that the jersey had been worn in a game against my Maple Leafs in which Gaborik scored a goal and an assist on October 12th, 2009. This was the first letter to appear and I pounced on it right away. Shortly after that I pounced on this one...


    1) ITG Superlative Volume 3 Nameplate Letter "A" 1/1

    After the "O" appeared and I acquired it, Curt (GabbyGuy) took a turn and picked up the "G" that appeared next. The next letter to show up after that was this one, the "A". I went after it and won it for what I think is a very fair price. I can't get enough of this particular jersey because knowing the full story behind it makes these cards much more valuable than the money spent to get them. As far as I know ITG is still using this one Rangers jersey so I will continue to pick up as many pieces as I can, especially these nameplate letters. I actually have a third one incoming that will be my first big pickup of 2013 and if anybody knows the whereabouts of the remaining three letters, the "B", the "I", and the "K" please let myself or Curt know as there are good homes waiting for them!

    So that's it folks, my five big pickups to close out 2012. Thanks for the look and if you have any high-end Gaborik stuff on my want list (link is in sig) please give me a shout
    - Kevin

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    As a Gabby collector, I have to bow in your general direction on these....Super nice, Kev!!

    GO WILD!!!

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