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Thread: WTTF <_> Marcus Thornton

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    WTTF <_> Marcus Thornton

    Mainly looking for the following & any 1/1's. Would also be interested in some dupe autos.

    Donruss Die Cuts Ruby /25
    Season Update Gold /24
    Threads Century Proof Orange /199
    Gold Standard Bullion Brand Logos /2
    Limited Jumbo Prime /10
    Limited Jumbo Prime Signatures /15
    Absolute Team Trios Materials /10 (w/ Fredette & Evans)
    Absolute Team Trios Materials Prime /5 (w/ Fredette & Evans)
    (2) Contenders Base
    Contenders Gold /5
    Contenders Silver /25
    Hoops Artist's Proofs
    Hoops Autographs
    (3) Limited Base
    Limited Gold Spotlight /25
    Panini Stickers
    Threads Century Proof Gold /25
    Threads Century Proof Red
    Threads Century Team Threads Signatures
    (3) Timeless Treasures Base
    Timeless Treasures Gold /10
    Timeless Treasures Silver /25
    Timeless Treasures Validating Marks Autographs /199
    (3) Totally Certified Base
    Totally Certified Green /5
    Totally Certified Gold /25
    Totally Certified Blue /299

    My FT bucket -----> For Trade Photos by eddiejr181 | Photobucket
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    I have these thornton's, lmk if your interested in any of them and what else might you be looking for. I'm interested in the Nate Robinson Auto. thanks.

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    CMB for an auto mate :)

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    Only one I saw was in the traded/sold folder.
    On a side note you have a fantastic Weatherspoon pc!

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    Sorry mate, forgot it went!
    thanks for the comments about my Spoon PC, needs updating in photobucket as I have got a lot more since :D

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    No worries man... Cool, I can't wait to see the additions!

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