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Thread: Shipping help!

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    Same thing I do, though I usually get them at Wallmart. Instead of $1 for 3..... I pay around $2.50 for 6.

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    I have been buying size 0 bubble envelopes from Dollarama for $1 (3 envelopes per package). I then cut them in half so that I have 6 enveloped and just tape the ends shut. However, I do like the link that egghead529 posted. I may consider that now too.

    Edit: Dang, looks like US shipping only from that link.

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    I also reuse a lot.... and the stamps, I'd say it's closer to 25%. If the post office didn't stamp 'em, I'll reuse that mailer with the same stamp.

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    I do the same as reoddai, just tape a piece of folded white paper over a traded for bubble envelope mailed card and recycle it. The recipient can than remove the paper and do the same. Strange but about 10% of the envelopes I receive, the stamp hasn't been marked so I reuse that too! When that happens, cost of shipping = $0!

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    I go to my local library and have them order me boxes (25) of #000 and #00 once a year. The #00 come in handy when you nead to mail many cards under 100 G.
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    Wow thanks guys! This helped a ton!!!!
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