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Thread: RGIII 1/1 x 2 !!!!

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    Yeah, wish they had better patches. Have you guys seen any of the other RG3 TTT "Heisman" auto relic cards other than the printing plates? I would like to make a rainbow, but i cant find any of his TTT auto relics with "Heisman" on it. Do they even exist?

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    How can they call them both 1/1s of the same card? Confused.

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    Nice cards but was thinking the same... there the same card ?? what am I missing here ?
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    I do not pay shipping ! unless Im buying

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    The finish on the front of the card is different, thus the name Sapphire and Pigskin
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    Trying to super Collect Herman Moore
    I collect UVA (University of Virginia Cavaliers) Football Players!

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