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    Looking for Notre Dame stuff! Let's see what ya got!

    After a much needed/mandated break from this stuff, I'm back in business and lookin to possibly buy. Only looking for Notre Dame stuff. Let me see what ya got.

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    Shoot me a PM if you need this, thanks.

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    I have these...

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    I dont need anything that was listed above. Thanks though. 3 years you guys will be allowed to play post season again. Until then, enjoy the wagon ride. LOL

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    Just cards or memorabilia?? Have a montana ND auto'd jersey

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    how much for the montana jersey? Whose the authenticity through? Thanks!

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    $100 dlvd on this one.
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    Doug...I LIKE THAT A LOT! Is that your best price on it? Just curious...
    xposipx...I have something very similar to that one...I'll get back to ya on that

    Thanks guys!

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