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    Doug...I LIKE THAT A LOT! Is that your best price on it? Just curious...
    xposipx...I have something very similar to that one...I'll get back to ya on that

    Thanks guys!
    Maybe a little wiggle room.. What were you thinking?
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    I Will Not Send "GIFT" Payments!

    If You Ask For Card Prices, Please Have the Common Courtesy To Respond!!!

    First Come, First Serve on ALL Deals. I Will Not Hold Cards and Wait!!!!

    I Collect Peyton Manning, Emmanuel Sanders, HOF "On Card" Autos, Topps Chrome Refractors, Contenders Autos, and NT, SPA, and Exquisite Patch Autos


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    If you could do 50, I'd take it.
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    Michael Floyd and Knute Rockne collector
    UNLESS THE CARD SAYS 1/1...IT'S NOT A 1/1!!!!!!!!
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