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    To Clarify, I don't buy from COMC, or at least I haven't yet.

    I access a specific card that I may be trading for, if I am not be familiar with in, the hope that it will be there for me to see.

    The old format showed BV, the names of the sellers all on one page and an easy look at the card back. This is important when people start calling everything a Refractor or a Die-Cut.

    COMC has a ton of refractors listed, that simply aren't refractors.

    The new site is a bit generic, and no BV's.

    I refuse to give Beckett one cent of my money and do not have an on-line membership. I will now have to use another source.

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    In order to see BV you have to have an account. Just sign up for free and you will be able to see the BV's again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickabee View Post
    Is that the site where you have to buy their "money" first before you can buy cards?
    If so, I decided against that place a long time ago.
    You can put in a Best Offer on any card on the site. To do this, you must first put money on your COMC account through paypal. If you don't want to do this, you can always just pay "sticker" price, and make your payment through paypal. Either way, it is a great alternative to ebay for lower-end stuff. The combined shipping from any seller makes it worthwhile.

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    Perhaps I shall. We need the NHL to get going, the casual collector, and the impulse collector are all MIA in terms of moving cards on the secondary market, now if UD would just fold, then we could all sell all the cards we are sitting on.

    What collectors fail to realize is that once you start moving cards on the secondary market, you are actually competing for the same dollar that the cards companies are competing for.

    Many newer collectors will forsake buying a card on the secondary market and spend their cash on something new. They are always competing against us.

    I have to list 400 cards on eBay to sell 18 of them now.
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    Have to admit I liked the old format much better but I'm sure the new site will grow on me overtime.

    I don't sell there and have only made two purchases so not really that huge of a deal to me.

    Don't know why every site always feels the need to change, look at the several complaints over the new Photobuket but at least they let you change back. What ever happened to the days of if it aint broke don't fix it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatsSundin13Rocks View Post
    It is in Burnaby. Address will be announced shortly once it is fully ready for visitors.
    I'm very psyched about the prospect of this as I may just use it to send out some aged inventory that has been collecting dust for years.
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    I like the new website, although the design is new it does not appear that the content or features have changed much, if at all. The #1 complaint appears to be the deletion of the BV from listings, but as someone said earlier registering and logging in restores the BV.

    I think COMC is a valuable site for buyers because it forces head-to-head competition for sale. When you click on a card they show cards for sale from different buyers with the price each is asking. Nine tmes out of ten you will buy the cheapest card which forces the other sellers to reconsider their pricing.

    I have never sold on COMC and am a little squeamish about the notion of giving them my cards to hold. I prefer something like where each seller retains possession of their cards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yzerfan View Post
    In order to see BV you have to have an account. Just sign up for free and you will be able to see the BV's again.
    Thanks for the head's up. #1 trusted source for other sports besides hockey.
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